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As Level 2 kicks off I thought a brief rundown of the last week is called for.

It’s been a fun packed week with hot sunny days, lots of park action, tweaking technique before L2, some easy access backcountry, pirates party (very messy), steak, red wine, dancing, romancing, and the departure home of our injured hero, Patch. This place is just so spectacular with the sun out and everyone is sporting wicked goggle tans and hanging by the lake in shorts and t’s going for the occasional refreshing dip.

The tone for the week is Level 2, but there are plans afoot for weekend birthday celebrations and a mountain BBQ plus some whitewater rafting!

Check out a few images below …

Team PL Argentina 2008 …. rock on!

Jocelin, Benno and Bonnie Wong .. argghhhH!

Da Boys …

Emma and Louise freeskiing …


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