ski instructor training cancelation policy


It’s been a little while since we posted on the Covid-19 situation.

But as it’s a situation that has been evolving and changing over the past weeks, we wanted to update you.

It’s important to remember that all nations are constantly planning alternative testing and quarantines systems.

Some are proposing one test and a shorter quarantine of about 8 days. Some propose two tests and an even shorter quarantine of a couple of days. And as these rules change things will get easier as winter approaches.

There are a few key things that people have been asking about:

  • Will courses run?
  • What happens if there’s a cancelation (due to resort closures or travel problems)?
  • Will there be quarantine (coming in and out of Switzerland)?

So here is an update to make sure everyone is 100% clear about how safe your booking is.




Will Peak Leaders courses actually be running?


Yes. In fact we are already been training instructors in Saas Fee and Verbier Trainees are skiing right now…

We have been very confident for a number of months that we won’t see lifts closing again in the way they did at the very start of the pandemic.

That has been confirmed in conversations with both the Saas Fee lift company and the Verbier lift company.

The vital clarification that has come in is that the lift companies are seen as Public Transport, and therefore follow safety measures for all types of public transport.

So in that sense the Swiss Federal Council are focussed on keeping national infrastructure open – and that means transport and lifts.

After an update from Lauren Vaucher, the CEO of TeleVerbier, we feel even more confident that we are not looking at a situation asking if we stay open, it’s about how we stay open.

And there is a massive effort in all the lift companies to make sure that all lifts can operate with the minimum hassle and staying within the Covid safety restrictions.




There are a lot of scenarios – what is the Peak Leaders policy?


This is an important topic and we want to keep things simple.

It’s important to remember that Switzerland has had an excellent response to the pandemic, and whilst cases have risen in recent months the medical facilities are ensuring that illnesses and deaths have stayed very low.

In Valais cases have dropped like a stone for the last six weeks and the cases are under control again – the pictures is, as you can imagine, not the same across the whole country.

We also want to emphasise that whilst we have formal Terms and Conditions, our top priority is always our trainees.

So we will always do the right thing – even in an unexpected situation.




In the highly unlikely situation that this happened, we would refund all your course fees that we have received. So any deposit and additional payments are returned to you.




Again, we can’t see this happening following assurances from the lift companies and the messages from the Swiss Federal Council.

But if we had to stop a course due to Covid after the course had started, we would refund on a pro-rata basis.

Again, dead simple.




With the impressive Swiss response to Covid we don’t anticipate Switzerland closing its borders again.

But if it did, we would refund you all the course fees we have received.




This is the trickiest of the scenarios because it involves anything happening globally – and would be well outside of what we can control.

For example, in all the above scenarios we would be able to claim back lift passes and accommodation costs. However if you ended up unable to leave your home nation that becomes more difficult.

So technically our normal Terms and Conditions apply.

But this is where we would be driven by doing the right thing – not just by the Ts&Cs.

We have been talking to our accommodation partners and we have a plan in place so that, if you were hit by a last minute closure, we should be able to get everything resolved and refund as much as we can.

So, if you ended up trapped at home an unable to join us in Switzerland we would simply arrange a credit so you can transfer to another course or a refund if you were able to send us proof of your situation.

That way you don’t have to worry about losing your course fees if you get trapped.



Covid advice for Verbier



What happens when you travel to Switzerland and will you need to quarantine?


Currently Switzerland has quite a few nations and regions on its quarantine list – but it changes every two weeks and some are being removed. As you will know the situation is very fluid but the Swiss have a sensible and pragmatic approach.

Essentially if you travel from a high risk country (or through one within 10 days of entering Switzerland) you need to quarantine.

For the Swiss ‘high risk’ simply means 60 cases per 100,000 above the swiss rate. Sometimes they add an emergency quarantine order, like the one for the new Covid strains from the the UK and South Africa. But these are temporary.

If you transit a high risk country – so not staying more than 24 hours to facilitate onward travel – it doesn’t count towards the quarantine requirements.

You can find out more via the Swiss Office of Health about their latest quarantine list.

But if you quarantine in Switzerland it’s currently ten days.

And that’s something we can arrange for you – we have packages ready to go so that if you need to quarantine you just arrive early and we put a quarantine package together for you.

If you absolutely can’t arrive earlier than the planned course start date, then we will also be able to work around this and offer extended training to cover the hours missed.

How this works with your accommodation depends on where you are staying, but we can resolve this.


Covid advice for Switzerland return travel



What happens when you leave Switzerland – will you need to quarantine at home?


We are well aware that the UK chose to add Switzerland to its quarantine list – so on return to the UK from Switzerland you need to quarantine.

There are two key developments we are expecting to see in the coming weeks.

Firstly, if you are returning to the UK after the course, the quarantine looks set to be reduced with a test at the end. It’s a system working well in other nations. If you are returning to another country the requirements will differ.

Secondly – and possibly more importantly – rates are dropping significantly in this part of Switzerland, so by the
time your course ends any quarantine currently in place might have been lifted.

Suffice to say we expect things to simplify and reduce with regard to quarantines.




If you need anything clarifying or have a different situation in mind, we are very happy chat through things with you.

After all these are unprecedented times and it’s vital we are all clear on things – we also all need to work together.

So, as we’ve been putting trainees’ needs first for twenty years, Covid won’t change that.

You are our first priority and whatever happens we will always do the right thing.