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corduroy pistes in Saas Fee for our ski instructor course

Ski Instructor Course, Saas Fee Week 5

Update from our ski instructor course - this week has been varied yet intense! On top of the daily training ...
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Freestyle Training Saas Fee

Saas Fee Instructor Course Week 4 Freestyle Training

Week 4 and winter has already begun! The snow was falling, Marco came to town to teach the guys some ...
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it's finally snowing in Saas Fee after the BASI Level 1

Ski Instructor Course Saas Fee Week 3

The third week of our Saas Fee ski instructor course in 2016 has delivered brilliant results on the BASI Level ...
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smiling trainee on our ski instructor course in Saas Fee

Ski Instructor Course, Saas-Fee Week 2

We’ve just completed the second week of Peak Leaders’ 10-week ski instructor course out here in Saas-Fee, Switzerland! The time ...
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