Pre-course information



Before you start your course we want to make sure we have all of your important information in one place. So please complete our Pre-course Questionnaire.

This is really important information so please complete everything you can (you won’t be able to send the form unless you complete all the mandatory information).

As always, if you have any questions please just ask – we’re happy to help and make sure we can help you every step of the way.

PS. If you haven’t booked yet just get in touch here




If you have all the information then getting it sent early is great.

But please don’t send the form until you’ve got your flight and travel information confirmed as well as your insurance.

So when we get to the 12 week mark we usually send you an email asking if you are ready to submit this.

And if you book within 12 weeks of the course, we ask you to send it to us as soon as you have all (or almost all) of the information we need.



Have a look through the form to see what’s involved before you start filling it in (you might not have everything ready just yet).




    Your Name

    Your email

    Your mobile number (and international dial code):

    Most recent school / college / university:


    Your course:


    Are you planning to teach skiing after the course:


    If you are staying in Verbier, are you interested in extended accommodation?

    YesNoNot sure yetI'm not coming to Verbier




    How did you hear about us:

    What made you choose Peak Leaders?




    How long have you skied for?


    How many times a year do you ski?
    (Please state number days or weeks)


    Have you taken formal ski lessons or been on any ski courses?


    Can you give us some details?


    Can you turn in parallel confidently on red runs, making rhythmical turns?



    Can you ski off piste?

    ConfidentlyA bitCautiouslyNot yet


    Can you ski moguls?

    ConfidentlyA bitCautiouslyNot yet


    Is there any other skiing information we should know?
    (For example have you raced or are you working on something specific in your skiing)?




    We would like to know if you have been vaccinated for Covid. This is really useful and important for us to know, so we ask you to supply it here.

    It is important for our quarantine plans as well as our self-isolation plans if there is a Covid case on the course.

    Your Covid Vaccination status will also have an impact on your own travel plans - so please make sure you check your government's travel advice.

    If your situation is more complex please select "Other" and write a note in your Medical Information.

    Have you had a booster?




    It's realty important we are aware of any medical issues that might have an impact on your time when you are away on the course.

    So if you have any medical conditions we should be aware of, please detail them below. Remember we need to know anything that might physically or psychologically effect your time on the course*.

    (This should include any allergies, medication, previous injuries, back pain, orthopaedic problems or similar that may be relevant to your skiing or time in resort. Please also tell us if you have you been hospitalised in the last 12 months.)
    *This is confidential information and will not be shared, but if you do not wish to share your information in this form, then please contact us to talk about any relevant condition so we are aware.




    Do you have you any dietary requirements that we should be aware of?
    Just let us know here:





    Emergency contact 1:

    Relation to you:
    Usual timezone:


    Emergency contact 2:

    Relation to you:
    Usual timezone:




    Date of travel to resort:

    Travel to resort - are you : FlyingDrivingOther ?
    (If "other" please specify below)


    If you are flying:

    Departure airport and flight time

    Arrival airport and arrival time

    Your transfer : BusTrainCarOtherTo be confirmed


    Approximate arrival time in resort:




    Your Passport Number:

    Your nationality on passport:




    Is there anything else we should know? Please tell us anything you think we should know in advance of your course:




    We need to be sure you have the insurance in place for your course. Your insurance is your own responsibility. The elements below might all be part of the same policy.

    Health Insurance and Personal Liability Insurance are mandatory.

    Travel Insurance (especially covering theft and loss) and Curtailment Insurance are highly recommended.

    Please tick the boxes below to confirm you have adequate insurance.




    Please tick the box below to confirm you have read our business terms and conditions and accept them:

    *If you have not read our terms and conditions please click here before continuing.





    We need you to allow us to share your information with BASI so you can become a member and take part in their exams. Please tick this box to confirm we have your permission to do so:

    Please note we only share the mandatory information that BASI require for the purposes of membership and taking a BASI exam (your name, address, date of birth, relevant medical information, etc). Any information we hold outside of these requirements will not be shared with BASI or anybody else.




    These are the standards of behaviour we always ask of our Trainees, so please read this Code of Conduct thoroughly.

    • I accept that for the duration of my stay in accommodation on the Peak Leaders course there may be other guests in the accommodation towards whom my behavior must be considerate at all times

    • I accept the need to keep noise levels to a minimum in the accommodation for the duration of my stay and particularly when other guests may be sleeping

    • I accept the requirement to keep my room in a reasonable state of tidiness in order to allow housekeeping to do their job effectively

    • I accept that should I not abide by any of the above I may incur penalty charges at the discretion of the accommodation owners

    • I accept that should I damage the fabric of the accommodation either purposefully or inadvertently any penalty charges incurred are my responsibility and not the responsibility of Peak Leaders

    • I accept that should my behaviour in the accommodation and at any other point during the course be deemed by the accommodation owners and / or Peak Leaders as unacceptable or as bringing Peak Leaders reputation into disrepute, I will be given two formal warnings with any further offence resulting in my expulsion from the accommodation and the termination of my participation in the course with no refund. Depending on the seriousness of the offence, Peak Leaders reserve the right to terminate my participation with immediate effect with no refund

    • I accept that should I be involved in theft, drug use or violence of any description that I must leave the Peak Leaders course without exception








    Please note: If you do not get redirected to the "thank you" page after clicking send please check you haven't missed a section (it will be marked in red or orange) then click send again once you have filled in the section. If problems persist please contact us.