Whistler Mountain Bike Coaching Course – Stepping it up!

As they say in Whistler; “the guys have been given ‘er” over the last week. Taking-on the tougher trails in the park, and learning about how to progress their future clients down some very technical and intimidating sections.

Whistler Mountain Bike course
To start with we spent a couple of days working on line choices on both rock-rolls and in rooted, rocky and steep terrain. There was a lot of ‘pulling over’ to the side and heavy breaking down runs so that we could analyse each run section by section, discussing in depth the different line options. This gave us the chance to chat about each feature and what skills and strengths a rider needs to get down each section, as well as picking out race lines or gnarly lines!

Peak Leaders Whistler Mountain Bike Course

What do you mean there’s a trail down there?

Upper Joyride was our first session, an incredible run of steep rock-roll after rock-roll. These features are pretty daunting at times, and very different terrain to what most of the trainees had experienced before! It’s a very unique trail, with lots of big rock slab features being linked-up in row.

Up in the higher zone of the park it’s a different World to the lower mountain. The higher zone really feels like you are conquering a mountain; the gradient is steeper for longer and the terrain is “raw”. We took our time down a run called ‘Original Sin’ and again checked-out the options. Even when you’ve  ridden these trails as many times as Dahj has, it can look really different when you stop and take the time to look at each feature. Sweet lines that you haven’t ever noticed before can appear, these small discoveries mean you can shred the trail like never before.

Peak Leaders Whistler Mountain Bike course

Better than the view out of your office window?

Yesterday we hit up the new epic trail “Top of The World”. This is a pretty special run that winds its way down the high alpine environment of Whistler Mountain. The terrain can be very rocky and loose at times but it’s still a whole lot of fun. The views are incredible from this trail, looking over the back into Garibaldi National Park. From the top of this run to the bottom of the mountain covers 5000 feet of vertical…… ’nuff said!!

Besides riding we’ve been playing lots of Disc Golf lately! This is a great way to spend an afternoon, with 27 very challenging holes winding through a local forest. Whistler’s course is definitely not your conventional disc golf course; up and down cliffs and through impossible gaps in trees.

Whistler Disc Golf

Augusta’s got nothing on this course!

Dahj has had to rethink his offer of buying trainees beer for the remainder of the course if beaten, as the crew have definitely got some skills and things are getting a little too close for comfort! Tom was really challenging Dahj’s superiority the other day. Unfortunately the guys gave some Frisbee’s back to the forest, losing 3 in the last 9 holes. Nick’s soaring long and straight throw off the cliff on the 18th was a a goner, and Tom and Allan lost their Frisbee’s as it got a little later and darker. All part of the game; you win some and you lose some, literally! At least the Bears will have something nice and colourful to chew on.

We’re all really looking forward to this week as jumps and drops are the name of the game.

Peak Leaders Whistler Mountain Bike Course