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Please note: If you are filling in the booking form for a friend or relative there is an area where you can ask to be included in correspondence.





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    We require all trainees to be a minimum red run level - please read our information about skiing levels if you're not sure, or just give us a call.


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    You'll find full details on our Terms and Conditions page. If you have any questions please just get in touch.


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    It is your responsibility to be insured for your course and it's vital that you are correctly insured. (You will find more details in the Members' Area when you get your password).




    What happens next?

    Once we receive your Booking Application we will send your Booking Reservation. Please note your place is not fully reserved until we receive your 10% deposit and your place is not confirmed until full payment has been received.


    Please note: If you do not get redirected to the "thank you" page after clicking BOOK NOW please check you haven't missed a section (it will be marked in red or orange) then click send again once you have filled in the section. If problems persist please contact us.