Data Protection

Data Protection

A simple summary of our policy:

Data protection is a vital part of any business’s responsibilities.

At Peak Leaders we do our very best to make sure we do not keep any sensitive data and the data we do have is secure.

We will not share or sell data or mailing lists to any other person or company. It is purely for use in the context of Peak Leaders courses.

Trainee data:

All data for trainees is ket in a protected system that can only be accessed by the staff who have direct relevance – so if you do a course and you have a medical issue only those who absolutely need to know will have access to this information.

General enquiries data:

If someone makes an enquiry about our products we will often follow up with an email or a call to see if that person is still interested in a course. If they no longer wish to be contacted we will delete them from the database.

The only data we would keep from an enquiry would be name, name of trainee (if different), email and phone number as well as how (and when) you heard about us.

All data can be shared with you or deleted upon request.

Mailing lists:

To the best of our knowledge all contacts on our database have opted in at some stage by requesting information about courses or requesting to join our mailing list.

If this is not the case please just contact us and we can remove your data from the mailing list or delete you completely from our records.

As Peak Leaders courses are now operated by Element Concept SARL, the database that was supplied by Peak Leaders UK Ltd at the time of purchase was supplied in good faith as a legitimate database of interested parties. It was supplied as a database of former clients and enquiries all of whom had opted in through a legal and transparent process. As far as we are aware every person on the database supplied by Peak Leaders UK Ltd has given active consent to join the mailing list.

If this is not the case please just contact us and we can remove your data from the mailing list and also delete your data completely if you wish.

The mailing database is held securely with Mailchimp who not only have their own extensive security but also are not remitted to share any data that we have.


In order for any trainee to join a BASI and join a BASI exam they are required to submit certain mandatory information – this ranges from name and date of birth to next of kin and any medical conditions relevant to the course they are undertaking.

As such we collect this information before the course (it’s also important information for us to have about trainees during the course) and we will then share this with BASI.

This is the only example of when we would share data we hold about trainees with anyone else.

Please note that the information is not sensitive and without supplying it (either via us or directly to BASI) then the exams cannot be undertaken.