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Before people book a Peak Leaders course we often get asked about levels. After all, before you start training as an instructor it’s hard to know what kind of skiing you’ll be doing, and how “good” you need to be before you can start training.

It’s a really tough question to answer as there are a lot of factors, but probably the two biggest questions are:

1. How long have you skied for?

Generally we think you need to have had 5 weeks skiing experience at least to be comfortable on the pistes we will be skiing on at the start of training.

2. What kind of runs are you comfortable skiing?

Essentially we all develop at different speeds so if you have skied for ten weeks or twenty weeks it doesn’t always help us know what your technical level is like, but it does give a great idea of broadly where you are at with your skiing.

The crucial one is what you ski for fun. If you spend your days on skis hitting black runs and off piste, we can imagine that whilst your technical skiing might need developing, you’re probably at a pretty good place. If you tend to stick to blues then we know you will need to really get out of your comfort zone to start achieving the exam criteria.

As a rule we require you to be able to ski red runs confidently.

Is that it?

Well, not quite. Because – generally speaking – the longer you ski the more that “bad” habits you pick up and they become engrained – so the harder they are to shift. Equally someone who hasn’t skied for long can make faster technical changes because any habits and movement patterns are less entrenched. So skiing for longer isn’t always a benefit and skiing less isn’t always a problem…

If you have video of your skiing we’re always happy to have a look and discuss how we think you’d get on during a course, and perhaps make some suggestions about how much training you’d need before you going course.

Anything else?

Yes. Absolutely. Skiing is a sport so the fitter you can be before any course, the better chance you give yourself of improving and passing – and the more fun you’ll have on your skis. Which is why the regular fitness training is a big part of our off-snow training on Peak Leaders courses.

Again we’re happy to chat (and our fitness Guru Jake knows everything there is to know about physical training for skiing). And if you have any questions just get in touch


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