Peak Leaders Banff Ski Instructor Course – Week 1

The start of the Banff Peak Leaders 2013 Ski Instructor Course coincided with a snow storm which dumped 60+ cms of fresh Rockies powder for the trainees to enjoy. With epic snow conditions and a really good crew of people it’s looking like the 2103 Banff Instructor course is going to be fantastic!

Kenji, a Peak Leaders trainer legend, is once again training our guys and he has already made big changes to everybody’s skiing styles/stance and posture. No more “beer can throwing” ski pole action from Alex. Or “back seat no turns in powder” Neil! Stance is one of the 5 key parts of the CSIA – (Canadian Ski Instructor Association) qualifications and this week Kenji and the trainees worked on stance both on their skis and in the hotel gym.

Peak Leaders, ski instructor course, 2013

Kenji demonstrating the perfect carving position… the gym

When was the last time you watched a video of yourself skiing? Never? Well it’s one of the best training aids anyone can have to improve their skiing and the Peak Leaders trainees will be being videoed every week during the course to help improve their skiing and to highlight good and not so good technique!

Peak Leaders Banff course includes the Big 3 Pass. So not only do the trainees get a pass for Sunshine Village but also one for the famous Lake Louise Ski area and Banff’s closest ski area Norquay. After 4 days of skiing Sunshine Village with dark clouds and falling snow the crew headed to Lake Louise for an awesome bluebird day of skiing.

Peak Leaders, Banff, Lake Lousie, ski, ski instructor course

Alex ripping up the Lake Louise bumps!

After skiing knee deep powder all day what better way to unwind and relax those tired muscles than an evening in the Banff thermal hot springs!

Banff, thermal hot springs, Canada, Peak Leaders

Hanging out in swimming shorts and bikini’s in a ski resort…….standard

Aside from the skiing and hot springs this years’ crew have discovered that Banff has some great Après ski bars. So far the crew’s favourite happen to be the Dancing Sasquatch and Aurora Club where we’ve seen some crazy/embarrassing Peak Leaders dance moves being thrown.

They always say the best recommendation is a personal one and this year over 50% of the trainees on the Banff course have had either a brother, sister or friend take a Peak Leaders Instructor course in the past. If you’d been to Banff before you’d have no problems recommending it to a friend!

Lake Louise, Banff, Canada, Peak Leaders, Ski instructor course

Beautiful Canada!

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