Verbier Ski Instructor Course (late season) – Week 7 & 8

Weeks 7 and 8 in the Verbier training schedule are the last couple of weeks before the BASI level 2 exam. With their BASI Level 2 assessment on the horizon Emma Cairns from European Snowsport has packed the trainees schedule full of training and shadowing to get the guys and girls to the ‘level’ required.

BASI central theme, Les Essert, Verbier, Peak Leaders, ski instructor course

Tom perfecting the ‘dreaded’ BASI central theme on Les Essert

Emma has been going over every aspect of the trainees performance – keen to make sure that they go into the start of the two-week Level 2 assessment worry-free.

Emma Cairns, Peak Leaders, European Snowsport, Verbier, ski, short turns

Emma Cairns practicing short turns with the trainees

There’s been plenty of time to ask Emma any questions that the trainee instructors might still have, whether that relates to particular strands of the different skills that they have to demonstrate (high speed carving, tight turns on steeper pistes, moguls, off-piste and, of course, simple clean parallel turns) or tips that Emma, in her infinite BASI wisdom, can pass on about the approach that their BASI examiner is likely to take.

Peak Leaders, ski instructor course, Verbier, Switzerland

Time for the guys and girls to ask Emma any BASI related questions they have.

Nevertheless, during the past couple of weeks the trainee instructors have done more than just ask Emma a bunch of BASI-related questions. There’s still been plenty of time for the guys and girls to get on the slopes and enjoy their skiing.

spring powder, Verbier, Switzerland,

Even in April the guys and girls are getting their fair share of Pow Pow

Late March and early April are always pretty inconsistent with the weather; temperatures and snowfall can really vary……..but not this March! A mix of snowy and sunny days has meant that piste conditions out here have continued to be absolutely fantastic. Anybody out here on holiday last week would have enjoyed some of the best April ski conditions that have been on offer for years – our trainees have had fantastic conditions all season!

carving, Verbier, gap year, trainee ski instructor

Last few days to perfect that BASI carving technique

As well as skiing their hearts’ out, the trainees have also been shadowing more actual lessons, picking-up valuable real life lesson skills and techniques that will help them both ace the teaching part of the BASI assessment and be confident when they actually teach as instructors themselves in the future.

shadowing, European Snowsport, ski instructor

Shadowing is a valuable learning experience.

Shadowing the ES instructors has meant there’s also been the opportunity to be the European Snowsport mascot for half a day for the children’s ski groups. Always a popular option…….honest!

Penguin, European Snowsport, Verbier, Switzerland, Peak Leaders

P-p-p-pick up a Penguin!

With powder still falling in Verbier the off-piste conditions have remained excellent. For those who have saved enough energy to go trekking into the backcountry (appropriately armed with safety equipment and accompanied by someone with local knowledge), the powder rewards have been plentiful.

backcountry, skinning, touring, Peak Leaders, Verbier

This is what Verbier is all about!

At the end of week 8 the training has drawn to a close. It’s been a fantastic time, and it’s been great to see how each trainee instructors’ skiing has massively improvedsince the beginning of the course. It’s time for them to look back at what’s been learned, and look forward to what’s about to happen during the BASI level 2 assessment. Fingers crossed!

Peak Leaders instructor course, Verbier, Switzerland

The weather doesn’t get much better than this.

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