Working as a guide at Whistler Bike Park – Blog 4


This week John has been a busy boy: working far too many hours, dealing with a body and bike that are slowly falling apart, wheeling and dealing with local business……and blagging him and his fellow guides a free breakfast. Oh and he’s managing to get some mountain biking in for himself, check the video at the end of the blog!

Everyone has been really busy over the past week; I’ve managed to guide at least one 3-hour tour every day this week and it’s fair to say I’m definitely starting to feel the tiredness creeping in! Many of us are getting to the point where our bodies and bikes are beginning to fall apart and we need to get some vital replacement parts (I had to get my rear shock and forks serviced, thanks to Sram techy Shawn Cruckshanks) I genuinely can’t believe all of the Peak Leaders graduates have been working for so long already. Not having set weekends off work means that the weeks often merge into one another!

Peak Leaders, Whistler Bike Guide, Canada, Whistler Bike Park

The boys, keeping it wheel….

Although we’re all working really hard the karma seems to come back around. We recently hustled ourselves a morale-boosting free breakfasts thanks to the Summer Gravity Camp at the GLC. After the campers had eaten there fill of food, we ventured up to find a whole lot of untouched breakfast. After a quick chat with the friendly waitresses, who were just going to bin it, we wangled ourselves a free cooked breakfast! So good, and all we had to do in exchange was help them set up the tables and chairs after.

Whistler, food, bike guide

This was a free breakfast before John, the breakfast hustler, Inman went to town on it!

The ‘Top of the World’ trail also opened to the public this weekend, but some of the lucky guides got to go up to ‘scout’ out the trail before its official opening, with some high speed close-encounters with bears on the way down….

Occasionally, it seems, we get a rest day and on of our rest days, Steffen, George, Lukas and I took a trip down to Function Junction and Squamish. Our mission was to take my shock absorber and forks for a service, do some shopping in Wal-Mart and get my laptop repaired. On the way we stopped by the Chromag factory to have a chat about some deals on chromag bling for our guiding bikes. The guys were super helpful, and we got kitted-out with some bars and caps to begin with, but we will definitely be heading back after our next paycheck…

Chromag, Whistler, BC, Canada, mountain biking

Life in BC is a little different to London….where’s the paperwork?

I was pretty envious of their office, chilled-out, reggae playing in the background, and dogs walking around without a care in the World, such a cool vibe. Big props to Chromag for the wicked deal they gave us! It’s awesome to have some quality local Whistler kit on our bikes.

Canada, BC, truck, Whistler

The average BC vehicle

After a day spent mostly in the car in the sweltering heat, we headed over to Lost Lake Park for a quick dip and cool down. I definitely need to get down there more often because it made for a great end to our mid-week ‘weekend’. After a quick dip it was time to head back to the mountain for what will hopefully be another busy week of work!

Filthy Ape Rock, Whistler, Whistler Bike Park, Canada

If you look very carefully to the left of the trees you’ll see the small silhouette of George

In other news: on advice from my physio I’ve now bought a foam roller, to start some proper stretching routines post work, which is something I’ve been very bad at so far. Whilst it was very painful to start, I definitely felt a positive change while out riding, and I wish I’d purchased one sooner!

John Inman, physio, leg, Whistler

John’s latest investment, to stop his body slowly falling apart.

I also made a quick edit of the PHAT Wednesday race I did a week or two ago, it’s great fun to be involved in if you are out here for the summer.

PHAT Wednesday 0307 from John Inman on Vimeo.

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