Argentina Ski Instructor Course – Week 3


It has been another great week for Peak Leader’s training to do their BASI Alpine Level 1 and 2 down in Argentina. The course is in full swing now and all the trainees are progressing really well with their skiing. They have all gelled together in their three respective ski groups and are getting on well with their Argentinian trainers. It’s amazing how much each individual has progressed with their ski performance over the past few weeks and it’s very encouraging that they are all giving 100%.

Peak Leaders Argentina, ski instructor course Argentina, Bariloche, Cerro Catedral, gap year ski course, Peak Leaders

Some might say the group has gelled a little too well

There was so more snow over the weekend so two of the groups hiked up to La Laguna on the Tuesday. La Laguna is a popular off-piste area in Cerro Catedral and after only a 40-minute hike the trainees were able to enjoy some spectacular views and fresh powder all the way to the base of the resort.

Paul Marsden, Peak Leaders, ski instructor course, ski hiking Argentina, Peak Leaders ski instructor course, Cerro Catedral

Course leader Paul getting a bit warm in his Down Jacket

La Laguna, Cerro Catedral, off piste skiing Argentina, backcountry skiing Argentina, Bariloche, Peak Leaders ski instructor course

Just as well it’s been a good winter, otherwise we would have been swimming at this point!

This week the groups also took part in helping running the FIS South America Slalom Cup. This involved the trainees doing some of the gate judging and were responsible for ensuring the racers passed the gates correctly, some trainees had to disqualify some of the racers. It was a good experience for the trainees, especially seeing how FIS races are run and seeing such a high level of skiing up close. The guys and girls did such a great job it looks as though they may have to help in the future through their respective ski schools!

FIS slalom Cerro Catedral, FIS Argentina 2013, ski racer, Peak Leaders Argentina, gap year

That’s how you do it…

On Thursday some of the trainees got their exam results and did some celebrating that evening, but despite some cloudy heads the next day they still had to start demonstrating their teaching skills to their trainers by giving lessons to their peers. As an instructor it is vital that they are not just good skiers, but are able to communicate a good lesson to their clients.

Quilmes, Peak Leaders gap year, Peak Leaders Argentina, apres ski Cerro Catedral

1 Quilmes, 2 Quilmes, 3 Quilmes……floor

Due to bad weather on Monday we had another day training on Saturday. It was a beautiful day and the Sun shined on the trainees while skiing, and in the bar afterwards. We had another great Assado (Argentinian BBQ). This time we paid close attention and took tips to get the cooking just right. Bellies full of meat and Rum we hit the town for another Saturday night of dancing.

Lago Gutierrez, Patagonia, Argentina, Bariloche, Hotel El Retorno, Peak Leaders ski instructor course, gap year, snow on the lake

Bad weather?

Sunday was a downpour so most trainees stayed inside reading their BASI manuals, of course, and a few chose to play indoor football to sweat out any remaining alcohol. Another fantastic week with definitely the best snow conditions in the whole of the southern hemisphere!

Cerro Catedral, powder, ski course, the Andes, Argentina, Peak Leaders ski instructor course Argentina, 2013

Loads of snow in Patagonia!

Patagonia, Bariloche, Cerro Catedral, Peak Leaders, ski course Argentina, beautiful view

Cerro Catedral spires, Patagonia, the Andes, snowy mountains, rocky teeth, Peak Leaders

narnia, snowy trees, Argentina, snow in the Andes, Peak Leaders ski Argentina

powder Argentina, snow, Andes, Cerro Catedral, ski courses Argentina, southern hemisphere ski

Condor, Cerro Catedral, Bariloche, Argentina, big bird

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