Whistler Bike Park Coaches Camp – Week 2


Crankworx has been and gone far too quickly, but it’s been a special time to be in Whistler. Our favorite moments of the week have to include the Whip-Off Competition. This was a jam-session format of the best shredders in the world launching several 30 to 40ft kickers along a track surrounded by thousands of spectators, spectators making lots of noise and mayhem. The idea behind the jam was to see how far sideways the riders could get their bikes, and hopefully bring them back for a smooth landing!

tail whip, mountain bike, Crankworx, Whip off, Peak Leaders mountain bike course, Whistler Blackcomb, 2013

Can’t go wrong with a good whipping…..

THE biggest event at Crankworx is undoubtedly the Slopestyle competition. Thousands of spectators watched as the progression of freestyle biking was unleashed on the best course that group leader Dahj has ever seen at Crankworx. Brandon Semenuk and Martin Söderström had an unbelievably close battle for the title, with Semenuk pulling it off in the end.

Crankworx Whistler, Crankworx slopestyle 2013, mountain biking, Whistler Bike Park, Peak Leaders

Crankworx slopestyle in full flow.

On the final day of Crankworx there was the Canadian Open, a loose and gnarly DH race. “Heckler’s Rock” is definitely the place to be for this one and is arguably the best place you can be a spectator anywhere for any sporting event!

Also this week was an impromptu (but not the last!) trip to the “Top of the World” trail. This involved use of the Peak Chair to get into the high-alpine and afterwards a ride of nearly 5000ft back down to the valley floor. As a twist we decided to do it in the wettest, muddiest, windy condition we could manage. It was amazing! It hadn’t actually rained the whole time we have been here (for months actually), so to get loose and muddy was a real treat and to be in the Alpine made it even better.

stoked, living the dream, mountain biking, Peak Leaders mountain bike course, Canada, BC, Whistler Bike Park

Stoked on life

After just 2 days of rainmit was back to blue skies and heat. We’ve continued with the guiding and instructing this week with the trainees getting lots of practice presenting lessons to the rest of the group, and just as importantly getting to grips with the theory. Over the last few days the level of riding and teaching has stepped-up a level. We’ve been getting into the more technical side of bike skills and also breaking-down maneuvers like manuals, wheelies and wheel lifts. The crew is now shredding the technical black runs and looking at things like line-choice, coaching tactics and how to develop someone’s skills through the steeper more technical terrain.

Whistler Bike Park, Peak Leaders, mountain bike guide course, mountain bike instructor course, gap year in Canada, Peak Leaders

The riding is getting more and more technical

Keeping your bike in working order is crucial on a course like this and the guys have had many a session in the garage keeping their trusty steeds in shape. They’ve also have had a few fork-servicing sessions, learning to pull apart the front suspension forks, grease them, then change the oil and seals in order to keep things riding buttery smooth. Speaking of bikes, it has to be mentioned that Ryan is now the proud owner of a 2012 Devinci Wilson. Oh Yeah!

Whistler Bike Park, epic views, Canada, mountain biking, British Colombia

Sometimes you just have to sit back and take it all in.

Whistler Bike Park, Whistler Blackcomb, soaking wet, mountain bikers on the lift, Peak Leaders mountain bike course, Whistler bike course

Soaked through to the bones…….but loving it!

tail whip, Whistler, Canada, Crankworx, peak Leaders


Peak Leaders Coaches Camp, Whistler mountain bike course, Whistler Blackcomb, Canada, mountain biking, Whistler Bike Park

Epic Whistler scenery

Crankworx, tail whip, whip off competition, Peak Leaders at Crankworx, Whistler Bike Park

Whipping one out for the crowds!

Whistler Bike Park, Peak Leaders, Whistler Blackcomb, mountain biking, downhill, corner, Whistler mountain bike course, mountain bike instructor, mountain bike guide course

Now that’s how you take a corner!

Biking, BBQ’s, biking, disc-golf, biking, nights-out, biking, hot-tubs, lakes, biking…. Whistler is amazing.

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