Working as a guide at Whistler Bike Park – Blog 6


Another busy week of work, many of us feeling the perpetual tiredness of being a bike guide!

After constant delays and broken promises the new Whistler Bike Guide jerseys finally arrived this week! After having to use just one secondhand jersey and washing it up to three times a week we got some nice new ones from Dakine. As all of the full-time guides get two it will save me a bit of my money on my washing bill…

Dakine mountain biking, dakine jersey, Peak Leaders, Whistler bike park, Whistler Blackcomb

Look smart, ride smart, smell better……and get more girls.

After getting to ride the ‘Top Of The World’ Trail for myself last week, I also managed to guide my own private tour down it!  We don’t often get tours like this, as most of the time we’re guiding beginner/intermediate riders rather than experts. Needless to say it’s a lot of fun when you do! I also got the chance to get an ‘edgy’ photo of myself near the top.

Whistler bike park, Whistler Blackcomb, mountain biking, epic view, Canada, downhill, Peak Leaders

Edgy stuff this mountain biking lark

After working the last 10 days I finally managed to get myself a few days off to prepare for the madness of August and Crankworx. It was nice to have some extra time in bed in the morning and relax during the day. I also took the chance to get some race practice in for the Garbanzo Downhill, which I am doing during Crankworx. The route goes down some of the more technical trails from the top of the Garbo lift all the way down to the bottom, with pro’s taking around 13 minutes, so a bit longer than your average downhill race! Lukas (my race coach) and I headed up to scope the track and find some good race lines, feeling buzzed about the race!

Peak Leaders, Whistler Bike Park, John Inman, downhill biking,

Getting some race practice in!

In other news my flat-mate Steffen also had to hire a car to drive up to Pemberton. As you can see working as a bike guide has its benefits! (which is in no part due to a free upgrade from the saloon car he had before…)

Chevy Camaro, Peak Leaders, Canada, Whistler

Not your average ride for a Bike Park Guide!

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