Whistler Bike Park Coaches Camp – Week 4


Jumps, drops and tricks were the flavour of last week!

The gang has been busy digesting the technical aspects of teaching drops and jumps. We’ve been learning the theory behind jumping and dropping, and different techniques for taking on these features. We’ve also learnt the teaching progressions for taking someone that is new to jumps and drops all the way through to advanced coaching for more experienced riders. It’s one thing to do a jump or drop but to demo a good introductory technique is a whole different thing entirely. For some this meant once again breaking-down their inherent muscle-memory to gain a greater self-awareness of the movements they use when preparing to take off.

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Aiming for the lake…

After that we had an awesome session learning how to do a bunch of new tricks, by breaking the movements down. Whips, X-ups, tables and turn-downs were all flowing. It’s a great feeling understanding the movements and technique behind these tricks. Even the few riders who already had some of these tricks in the bag found that this session helped when trying the aforementioned ticks the more un-natural way!

This week we also managed to ride ‘Top of the World ‘ in the dry! It was a beautiful day to be up the top of the mountain and the views were unbelievable. It was the first time that we had been up there during the course and had been able to see Black Tusk Mountain over the back of Whistler Mountain. Black Tusk Mountain is a crazy looking, well, black tusk shaped mountain (unsurprisingly). We also found what arguably has to be the most picturesque burm in the world for a photo, we sessioned the burm a couple of times to get a bunch of photos.  Top Of the World trail then lead us into a backcountry ride down through Kybers Pass once again. All in all it was another epic day in Whistler.

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rock n’ roll

Happy Birthday Oli! We went out for a bangin’ meal at a Japanese BBQ restaurant, complete with our own personal slightly-pyromaniac chef who was creating some serious flames from our food.

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Watch your eyebrows lads

Next week we are into the IDP Level 2 assessment, teaching and presenting lessons on the jumps, drops and high speed cornering!

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Forget about the yellow brick road…….rocks and roots is where it’s at.

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Which way to the beach?


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