Whistler Bike Park Coaches Camp – Week 5

The final days of the course!

Last week began with us nailing the Level 2 assessments. This was all about teaching jumping, drops, and high-end cornering.  It’s always great to see the progress that everyone has made, both in their riding and also seeing everyone develop into knowledgeable and skilled instructors. Brings a tear to my eye, well done everyone!

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So much fun!

Later in the week we spent a day exploring the Blackcomb Alpine region including a trip over on the Peak-to-Peak. We have been doing so much riding but this was still on the list, so it was great to be able to tick it off. The views and terrain for hiking up there is hard to beat.  This included a game of Spot-the-Marmots, an animal that resembles a Squirrel crossed with a Beaver but is the size of a small dog! Speaking of animals, I’d like to apologise on behalf of all the bears for not showing up too often during the course. Fortunately we spotted a few of them during the course, but due to unusual weather and snow patterns this year they were off elsewhere on the mountain for most of the time. Still, to see just a few was an awesome experience in itself.

Marmot, Whistler Blackcomb, Canada, Peak Leaders

A cheeky Marmot sunning itself in Whistler’s Autumn sunshine

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This summers native wildlife

Other than nature spotting we had some days to do more shredding and exploring, ticking off features and trails that we’d had our eyes on throughout the course. We also went on another JRA ([Mike] Johnstone’s Ridiculous Adventures). This one was epic…….but unfortunately I can’t tell you where it was.

Whistler Bike Park, Peak Leaders, mountain bike course, expiration, BC, Whistler Bike Park

On the search for more trails..

When it came to leaving the whole gang was quietly pleased that James missed his flight due to mixing up which day he needed to fly home. He was due to leave a few days early due to work commitments but instead we got to spend those days with him instead. Thanks James!

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Obviously everyone was very unhappy about James’s delayed flight

It has come to the end of the course and what an incredible time it’s been. The crew has been great, the riding has been incredible, BBQs have been all the more tasty in the hot and sunny weather, and Crankworx was so much fun.

For me it’s really the crew that make the course so enjoyable. I’m going to miss you! Most of you are planning to be back next year to work as instructors here in Whistler, so I’ll be seeing you all soon! Thanks also to Mike J for sharing with us your absolutely colossal and vast knowledge of riding and teaching. Happy shredding! Dahj

Peak Leaders, Whistler Bike Park Coaches Camp, instructor camp, mountain biking, lake, mountain lake

Peak Leaders Whistler Bike Park Coaches Camp 2013………Good times!


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