The ‘Yack’ goes Cat-skiing at Baguales Mountain Reserve


Although our 9-week course down in Bariloche, Argentina, finished a little while ago Tom ‘The Yack’ Yaxley has been busy creating a video edit of his favourite day on the course.

After completing the BASI level 1 exam The Yack, course leader Paul Marsden, and a gang of trainees and BASI trainers travelled to Baguales Mountain Reserve to ski some untouched powder. Baguales Mountain Reserve is situated an hour drive south of Bariloche and is literally in the middle of nowhere. It takes a serious 4×4 and a skidoo to reach the mountain lodge which is adorned with beautiful furniture, fur rugs and a huge open fire. The day consisted of using a big Piste Basher (Cat) to access terrain which was not part of a ski resort, the area is actually a privately owned reserve which covers roughly 10,000 Hectares of mountainous terrain (about the same size as the whole of Bristol). The snow and terrain at Baguales is so good that it was recently used for a recent Red Bull Linecatcher event!

The trip to Baguales was so successful that we’ll now be offering it as an optional extra to all trainees on the Argentina course. Check out Tom’s fantastic video below:


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