Cat-Boarding at Baguales Mountain Reserve


While on their brief visit to Argentina, to check-out our 9-week instructor course, office team members Tom and Mhairi spent a day Cat-Boarding at Baguales Mountain Reserve. As this is available to all trainees on our Argentina course, as an optional extra, a number of the trainees and BASI trainers on the course this summer managed to visit Baguales to shred.

Wanting to see what all of the fuss was about Tom, Mhairi and course director Colo, woke early and travelled to the bottom of the reserve, which is an hour drive along muddy tracks and through ice-cold rivers. On arriving at the bottom of the reserve they took a Skidoo to the beautiful mountain refuge and, after a quick mug of coffee next to the log fire, set off in the specially converted Pisten Bully to find some deep untracked powder. This is what they got up to during the day…….warning, you might get a little jealous!


Cat-Boarding at Baguales Mountain Reserve from Peak Leaders on Vimeo.

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