Ride with a Burton Pro


For the last two years Peak Leaders have been fortunate to work with Burton Snowboards. All of our trainee snowboard instructors are offered fantastic deals on Burton hardware, outerwear, and apparel; last year Burton UK hand picked a few of our course graduates to help run the Burton Riglet Programme at the Ski and Snowboard Show, a facility that helps to introduce kids as young as three years old to our amazing sport.

For the second year running Burton UK are sending one of their top Pro snowboarders to Morzine to spend a day blasting around the park with our trainee snowboard instructors. This is a great way of pushing everyone’s riding and getting them stoked on the freestyle side of shredding. Last year we were fortunate to spend a couple of days with Irish rail slayer Orla Doolin, who had a really positive impact on the trainees’ snowboarding. Some of the trainees had never stepped foot in a snowboard park but Orla’s boundless energy and enthusiasm gave the trainees lots of confidence and helped them to take their freestyle to new levels. Here’s a video from last year:

Peak Leaders ride with Burton pro snowboarder Orla Doolin from Peak Leaders on Vimeo.

This year we have British shredder Ross Needham over from Mayrhofen, in Austria, to shred with our crew. Ross has been killing it on the UK scene for a few years now and has built up a reputation as one of the UK’s best rail and kicker riders. In the summer Ross can be found winning comps at indoor snow slopes across the UK, in the winter Ross is a shaper at the legendary Penken Park in Mayrhofen. Ross’s skills and knowledge will really help our snowboarders to ‘step it up’ to the bigger features in the Burton Stash Park and Avoriaz’s legendary Chappelle Park. Thanks for lending us another Pro for a day Burton!

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