5 reasons to come to Argentina this summer!


Our 9-week ski and snowboard instructor course in San Carlos de Bariloche, Argentina, is the ultimate course for those looking to take an instructor course with a difference. It is the first course that Peak Leaders setup and is still one of the most popular instructor courses we run.

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Our Argentina course has always been popular because it offers a unique experience

On the edge of the Andes Mountains, a few miles from the start of the Patagonian desert, Bariloche is one of the most beautiful places on the planet. With a rich tapestry of European culture and South American flair this experience is not just about the skiing or snowboarding, it’s about experiencing South American culture. Here are 5 reasons why we believe our Argentine course is the ultimate experience:

1) You don’t need to take a gap year

Unfortunately for those students not taking a Gap Year most instructor courses are positioned during, or just before, the Northern Hemisphere winter starts. This means that the course dates coincide with University term times. The great thing about our Argentina course is that it runs during the summer holidays, before Universities in the UK begin Freshers week. The nature of this course also means that there is a lot of opportunity for course attendees to travel around the local area and experience Patagonian Culture. So not only is this a ski or snowboard instructor course but an Argentine Adventure, which will quench your thirst for travel. If you’re a diehard skier or boarder, don’t worry you won’t be compromising with the quality of snow and the size of the resort. Cerro Catedral is the largest ski resort in South America and has more lifts than most resorts in the US and Canada. It also has it’s fair share of powder days and heavy snowfalls!

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The view from our hotel!

2) The exchange rate*

At the moment the Argentine currency, the Pesos, is at the lowest value it’s been for over ten years. If you can buy Argentine Pesos or US Dollars before travelling to Argentina then you will be able to get over 10 pesos to the pound.  Ski resorts around the world are notoriously expensive. Before the collapse of the Pesos Bariloche was already much more affordable than most European, Australasian and North American resorts. With the current strength of the Pound against the Pesos nowhere else is as affordable. This means that extra-curricular activities, nights out and meals on the weekend are a lot more affordable.

3) Qualify before the start of the winter

If you’re looking to take an instructor course with the hope of using your qualification why not set yourself up with a job before the start of the winter season? By qualifying as a BASI level 2 Instructor in September you will have plenty of time to apply for instructor positions all over the Northern Hemisphere. The majority of trainees that qualify on our Argentina course take up full time instructor positions, or level 3 (ISIA) training programmes, for the winter. Working as an instructor is a great way of earning a living in a ski resort, there is plenty of time on the hill, free time to socialise at night, and money in your back pocket.

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Cerro Catedral gets it’s fair share of powder!

4) Experience South America

Argentina is a very exciting and eclectic country that is inhabited by a nation of friendly and generous people. Not only does Argentina have the typical South American flair that you would expect from one of the largest countries on the continent, but it also has a surprisingly familiar European feel to it due to its colonial past. On this course you will get to experience the exciting nightlife and bustling streets of Buenos Aires, we will also take trips off the beaten track so that you can experience what being a Patagonian is all about. One of the most popular days on the course is the trip to Cuyin Manzano, a small village in the Patagonian Steppe, to go horse riding with the local Gauchos (Cowboys). After a long horse ride through an incredibly beautiful landscape the day ends with a genuine Argentine Asado (BBQ) with some of the most delicious Steak you’ll ever eat. Check out this VIDEO.

Patagonian Steppe, Horse Riding, Cuyin Manzano, Peak Leaders Argentina, Argentina gap year

Experience life in beautiful Patagonia

 5) Getting there is a piece of Cake!

Organising flights to San Carlos de Bariloche is very straightforward and more affordable than you think. Peak Leaders work alongside a travel agency that will be able to ensure: that you are on the same flights as your fellow trainees; that the journey is as stress free as possible; and that you don’t pay over the odds. Obviously the earlier that you book your flights the more you will be able to save.

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Buenos Aires is one of the liveliest and interesting cities on the planet

*This information was valid at the time the article was published (March 2014)

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