A Welcome Like No Other

So after many years of hearing about how beautiful Patagonia really is, heading down to Argentina for Peak Leaders has been the perfect opportunity to check it all out.

So, if I phoned some of my seasonaire and ski/snowboard loving buddies, I have been trying to think about how I would describe Bariloche.

I can hear them now…”So what’s the mountain like?”

Remember the season we did at Whistler Blackcomb, and the all the cool mountains we got to shred in New Zealand.  Well, if you combine the best things about those resorts you kind of begin to sum up what Bariloche is all about.

View from the TopThen I thought, actually that doesn’t even come close to what it’s really like. The Argentines are amazing people; it’s like a European season but without the culture being thrown in your face, more like beautifully decorated on a plate.

That brings me to the food. The traditional things that pop into your head are steak and wine. When you are here please don’t hesitate to be a tourist.  Eat as much steak, and drink as much wine as you can because when you go home these delights are forever ruined!

If Carlsberg did BBQs

If Carlsberg did BBQs

So far I have had the pleasure of eating out in some of Bariloche’s best known and also secret gem dining spots. From a mountain refuge with classical music served up with breathtaking views, to local microbreweries and steak houses; this place has it all. I haven’t even mentioned the pricing! Argentina was mentioned to be expensive like Europe, yet where in Europe can you have the best wine and steak in the world for 10 pounds!

So why book a Peak Leaders course in Argentina?

Well if the points I just mentioned above are not enough then here is some other to make it sink in!

Peak leaders have hired some of the best staff to work alongside their course leaders.

The local guys are ski/snowboard legends.  Not the legends we know of today all over Facebook, but the kind of men and women who are out there doing the great stuff while everyone else is planning their day to upload their pictures to Facebook.  True Patagonian adventurers. But that’s just it; the Patagonia staff only greet me and our trainees with a warm and genuine smile, glad to spend another mountain day with more mountain loving people.

One word you need to Google today is Asado (not just any old Asado, it must be cooked by locals and with passion)….after you have done this, then take your bucket list out of that drawer and scribble out some other option right near the top, and add this into your plan quickly!



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