Argentina Instructor Course Week 4 Blog

Doing a course in Patagonia doesn’t just mean coming here to ski or snowboard. An experience is available at every opportunity and this week was no exception.

As a trainee on our Peak Leaders course must be able to manage a challenging mountain environment as well as a very busy training schedule…both on and off the piste. Argentina lends itself to some very unique winter opportunities. Whether it’s heading for an awesome steak dinner after an awesome powder day skiing in La Laguna bowl or going for an evening of rock-climbing followed by some awesome locally brewed craft beers. A trainee who comes here needs to be able to adapt. This is not just an instructor course!

The group were very busy this week finishing of their BASI level 1 and 2 preparation with our Argentinian ski staff. Next week BASI are sending out their team to run our level 1 and 2 courses over the next 4 weeks.


All this skiing didn’t get in the way of the group having a great time. A full moon this week meant some of the group went out for a midnight challenge to view the beautiful southern hemisphere stars and bright moon. The night was amazing as an hour or so hike left the group with insane views, campfire and a glass of Malbec.

FULL moon skiing argentina

Each week new ideas crop up within the group of something that might be fun to do. Horse riding though land that was exchanged in the early 1900s with a Scottish family was an option a few experienced trainees jumped on. An awesome afternoon was had with some amazing views followed up with great history equitation experience not to be forgotten.

Amazing views argentina

Nothing is ‘usual’ in Bariloche; and by that, it’s because everything is usually better!

The trainees have a good name now in town for enjoying themselves with one trainee (Tom) showing off his DJ skills in Patanuk nighclub. Champagne is the favoured drink of the group here this year, on an average night out. Unheard of in Europe but due to the awesome value, which is Argentina why wouldn’t you live it up!

views across Bariloche from Cerro

The weeks skiing and riding wasn’t to be shown up either. Freestyle training was one of three exciting options available this week. Mothers please stop reading now!

Freestyle Bariloche

Our freestyle gurus took the group to 15ft cliff drop in which nearly all the trainees were sending it! Insane! Tom again gets a mentioned here for going big both off piste and front flips in the park. The local gurus were very impressed with the groups ability!

The weekly blog is meant to be short and sweet but… this week too much happened!

Freeride going hand in hand with fresh dumps of powder! Transceiver probes and shovel at the ready, the group split in smaller teams and tackled chewing up as much of the freshies as possible before the locals could even get a sniff. We did cheat by using Tano, our amazing guide and one of many Local legends with top skills to pay bills here at our disposal!

Another epic view in Bariloche

Ok I will finish now with Slalom. Not only did the group marshal and control an event we even got in our own slalom training with our trainer Augustine Torres(BASI 4 Argentinian born).Google him! Argentinian skiing ace. Carving up the stade with after what was a massive week some legs began to turn to jelly! Bring on the weekend and some R and R.


Maybe another few cheeky beers before the serious stuff starts! Till next week.

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