Whistler MTB Coaches Camp Week 3 Blog

On the mountain this week it was all about stepping up our own riding, and teaching intermediate and advanced riders.

Teaching Sessions in Whistler Bike Park

We learnt how to teach and develop pre-loads and took this to some jumps and wall-rides. We had a sweet session learning some tricks too, with our whips and crossups and turn downs all coming along nicely.

Also on the menu this week was some speed training. We got to bomb down some open sections of dirt trail and got going fast! Letting our brain catch up with this new found speed and then backing it off a little let us feel more comfortable with these higher speeds. Of course a whole lot of fun also.

Air Time Whistler Bike Park

Crankworx is rolling into town! The village is transforming into a sea of company trailers and tents and filling up with bikers and spectators. There are plenty of freebies being handed out around town and lots of music and other sights to check out whilst cruising through the village. Crankworx hookup-of-the-week award goes to Tully, with Fox rebuilding his Fox-40 with all new internals and new stancions… Sweet. The best bikers from all over the world are here and there are plenty of pro sighting around the village, in the park, and even chatting on the chairlifts. The weekend kicked off the main events being the Enduro race and Dual Air & Style. The Enduro is the most grueling ever created here and it was in 30 degree heat to boot. As for the Dual Air and Style, well this is just rad. Pumping a downhill track with gaps and hip and steep kickers while racing side by side. Awesome.

Let the games begin!

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