Graduate Interview

Ski Instructor Course Graduate Interview. Where Are You Now?

Imi completed her 10 week ski instructor course in Saas Fee, pre season, and is headed to Verbier to work as a ski instructor for European Snowsport

Recent Peak Leaders Graduate Imi chats about her ski instructor course

Imi has just completed our 10-week ski instructor course in Europe, in Saas Fee and has her BASI Level 1 and 2 qualifications.  I attended 6th Form at Bristol Grammar, and have skied every year with my family since I was 4 years old. 
I decided to pick this instructor course as it is preseason, meaning  it finishes before the winter season starts. Peak Leaders seemed to be a much more rounded ski instructor course than others, e.g. they offer freestyle and avalanche training as part of the price.
The course more than met my expectations. Not only has my skiing and teaching hugely improved, but I have met loads of cool people and gained much more independence living abroad.  My skiing has improved immensely, especially my general balance in carving. For example, I can create a much higher performance turn.  
There has obviously been a lot of focus about improving your own technical skiing; however, we have had regular practice and coaching on how to teach to prepare us to be instructors in the real world of ski teaching!
My favourite day on the course came after a big dump of snow. We spent the day riding powder for the first time which was great fun!  The course definitely has motivated and excited me going forward to work as an instructor because it gives you an insight into an instructors lifestyle and job.  
Saas Fee resort is very nice and small, which makes it easy to get around and also easy to make some friends!  Saas Fee is a great resort as there are quite a few good pistes on the glacier in the Autumn. In October, there are a lot of national race teams training on the glacier which creates a very professional and inspiring environment. 
The hotel is great, we get a 3-course meal every night, the hotel staff are very friendly and always willing to help you out! 
I have a job already in Verbier working for European Snowsport full-time next season, and I can’t wait to start teaching!  We had interviews organised with ski schools during the course.
The main thing is that it has given me a big urge to travel more, and I have loved skiing everyday which I hope to continue doing!