Morzine Ski and Snowboard Instructor Course Week 3

Week 3 started with a bang! Saturday was our first day off and the crew finally spent it resting and enjoying their time on the hill! Some of the guys swapped boards and skis and vice-versa. Good times all over the hill. Sunday was the free ride day for the Snowboards and David (one of the MINT instructors) took them for an almost 1000 vertical meters descent which was followed by avalanche beacon practice. Monday was an avalanche training day for the skiers and it was cool to see both the snowboarders and the skiers enjoying the new snow. Finally! Mhairi from Peak Leaders came to visit us this week and together with Tammy they held a very informative meeting about the CV and cover letters for future ski/snb instructors. Thank you ladies. Also this week the trainees started their shadowing lessons all around the mountain. While shadowing, the trainees follow the real classes on the mountains and learn the techniques and skills from the real life lessons, which has been enjoyed by all the trainees. Overall, every here is settling into the routine and enjoying the lifestyle of such a cool place as Morzine is!