If you are thinking about a ski or snowboard instructor course for next winter, the best time to do something is now. Don’t leave it too late. Once winter arrives, ski instructor jobs and snowboard instructor jobs are as covered as mountain peaks. Meaning you’ll be left out in the cold.

Avoid disappointment by following our “Seasonal Plan” – and you’ll be lining up for lessons in no time.

SPRING to action!
Spring is when it all happens. Ski/snb school bosses are happy. The sun is out. Money is being counted. And most importantly – next winter’s job openings are there to be had. They know which instructors they want back. And who won’t be getting another season. If you’re thinking of a particular resort, maybe go for a late season, last minute holiday deal (if you can afford it). No better way than dropping in, saying hi, and going for a ski/snb with the boss. If you can get him/her to après, you might just get signed up then and there.

SUMMER loving it!
Summer is snow time to waste. Especially with the chance to head south and get some turns. If you’re not qualified, take summertime to go somewhere amazing and get your instructor’s ticket. Argentina has got to be number one on the list. Of course, there is New Zealand and Australia. But open pit asados (bbq’s), gauchos, endless jaw-dropping scenery, and arguably the most extreme terrain in the southern hemisphere – Argentina holà! Just make sure you get on an instructor course that leads to the qualification you need.

Cat skiing Argentina

AUTUMN or never!
Autumn is the last chance. Pre-season (Oct-early Dec) gives you just enough time to qualify. And get a job. Instructor courses happen on the glacier resorts. High enough for snow, cold enough to keep it. And cold it is. If you are thinking pre-season, buy yourself some thermals! Best thing is you can have a summer in the sun, and still manage to qualify just in time. Some instructor courses even invite ski/snb school bosses in to meet you. More often that not people drop out, leaving gaps in the school instructor line-up needing filled. Search out an instructor course that offers more than simply the exams – like our pre-season 4week instructor course in St Anton … watch the video here.

WINTER forever!
Winter is where the heart is. At least, that’s how it will feel. Being paid to ski/snb (and party), means you’ll not want it to end. And the best thing – it doesn’t have to! Because once you’ve worked for a school, the line-up is always waiting. Part-timers are high in demand, and get more perks. Uni holidays turn into a paid week in the mountains. A break from work becomes a free trip to the Alps. Then again, you might be that instructor who comes for “one season” and decides not to leave! But that decision can wait until the spring comes round again.

For now, get on with enjoying the best season of your life, before its too late!

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