Darragh here, Course Leader on Whistler Bike Park Academy just keeping you up to date on the goings on. And lets start off with the good news! Yes, we got a 100% pass rate for our crew on the IDP Level 1 …

Epic riding, awesome result!

What an epic week the trainees have had. I can’t even think where to start? Every aspect of the first week here in Whistler has been amazing. Probably worth mentioning the most is the trainees themselves.

Great crew in Whistler

Every year is different and every season we have a great crew. This year they are super committed, down-to-earth and getting on with the job at hand: learning to be an instructor. It is a real pleasure to help them get the most out of their time here in Whistler. They’ve been putting in the miles and getting on with riding and learning. No nonsense approach – couldn’t ask for more. And the best thing, they’ve quickly formed into a tight bonded group and are having a blast!

Sun, food and bears!

So what’s been happening on the ground? Well, the weather has been playing ball that’s for sure. Sun screen is about as important as helmet and goggles. One trainee, Fergus, is starting to look like a zebra (sorry Fergus)!  The trails have been shaped to perfection. Some new bike park additions this year have even been surprising (in a good way!) the seasoned locals. Our chalet crew have been dishing up quality meal after quality meal – cheers to them for that each day. And I know the trainees are loving it – as by  the time they get home from the bike park they start to resemble the local wildlife and will savage anything put in front of them! Speaking of local wildlife … a day in the bike park isn’t complete without a ‘close call story’. But not the ones you normally think of whilst riding. Here in Whistler it is: great berm, nice whip, AND hard on the brakes to avoid Momma bear and two cubs chilling on the trail for afternoon nap!

100% Whistler

The coaching staff of Mike, Javier and Duncan have been putting in 100% on the hard graft, along with myself and Dahj (course leader too), to make sure everything’s covered on the course. And the 100% pass rate is a great reward for them and the Peak Leader’s trainees. With the IDP Level 1 in the bag, and smiles all around, it’s now onto the next two weeks and more progression.

High riding standard

The intensity will step up significantly over the next two weeks. Overall, the standard of riding is high on all these courses, and gets even higher thanks to the top coaching the crew receive from Mike, Javier and Duncan. There’s still time to chill out in the evenings. And if chilling out is on the cards, there is a number of lakes within skinny dipping distance. But remember not to get caught or seen. We are here to teach you how to bike not post bail! Clothes on exploring took our crew to the builder premiere that attracted a large local MTB scene. And of course, we had front row seats at the bar!

Check back for Week 2 …

There’s loads to look forward to in Week 2. Kicking off with ‘drops clinics’ and ‘jumping’ in the afternoon. We’ll even have the chance to head out with local trail building guys. That will give all the trainees a feel for the famous BC trails we all know and love.

Good times

Sounds appealing? Then stay tuned for next weeks update. Even better, drop what your doing and make summer plans for the last few spots on our Whistler Mountain Bike Coaches Camp course starting in July! Here’s what John Inman, who now blogs for us over on Pinkbike, thought of it …

Do it! You know you wanna …

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