Whistler Bike Park Academy: Week 2 … What’s New?

After an awesome first week – with our 100% pass rate on the IDP Level 1 – we were all stoked on Week 2.

Up Your Game!

Week 2’s plan was simple: Up your game and get it done … Whistler Mountain Bike Park style! Last week the guys covered all the finer details of mountain biking and the world of coaching.

Each day, skills were stripped back to the raw stage. Then rebuilt tougher than ever!


Key learning from Week 2: Only when a person breaks down a skill can true progression be made

New Skills Start Clicking

It was great to see and hear conversations in the line up of how something new had clicked on that last run. Everyone was ‘getting’ new skills and more importantly, making them (and the landings) stick!

As ever, the group had plenty on offer to stay busy. Extended opening hours in the park meant even more riding time.

Plus a ton of evening activities kept us all going after hours.


Tim the Builder

In a new addition to the Peak Leaders course, in Week 2 the group also got a chance to get out with local trail builders. This really was a once in a lifetime chance to add a new berm or drop to Whistler’s trails. Plus it gave them yet another new skill to add to the bag of tricks that makes sure your MTB resume stands out at ‘job time’!


Tim from the Whistler Off Road Cycling Association (WORCA) lead the group on how to build the best trail out there. Tim and the WORCA crew are not just any old trail builders, Tim is a man of legends. He’s known for his involvement in the Whistler ski patrol, as a Whistler bike park patrol, a Whistler bike park builder, and Whistler bike park shaper – let’s be honest, what he doesn’t know how to do in Whistler, probably doesn’t need done.

See WORCA in action in this short video

Our eager team learned all the finer points of trail maintenance. After several hours of HARD labor they had created some new features, and picked up a lot of weird trail building slang too. Oh, and for sure you’ve never appreciated how good a warm beer can be until you have trail built for a day with WORCA!

Longer Days, More Riding

As the evenings get brighter, and the bike park opening hours longer, there are more and more events to keep everyone going into the nights of Whistler – Men’s and Ladies’ nights all are up and running in the Park, plus races and good times ‘free for all’ style competitions.


The group has made sure to take some downtime over the weekend. Often the chance to ride for yourself, or just chill, hike, drink coffee, hot tub it up on our deck, whatever’s needed to keep the batteries refreshed. The Peak Leader’s course tries to teach everyone not only to bike, but also to find that all important ‘Whistler balance’. Play hard and chill harder – that’s how to last the season here!

… And More Exams

There’s a big week ahead with Level 2 exams coming up. The standard is high here, and everyone is aiming to match up to what’s expected. For sure, the Bike Coaches will be pushing everyone’s limit. Under their skilled eyes the group should be set up for a thrilling last week.


International Crew

This year’s posse is a truly international one, with the crew coming from as far afield as England, Scotland, Austria, Canada, the USA, and even Australia! Here’s to them all delivering the goods, getting that Level 2 and enjoying the celebrations with new friends, countries and places to bike after!