Snurfing to Snowboarding … Know your roots

Before Gibbo gives us the lowdown on snowboarding in Saas Fee (Switzerland), grab some popcorn and get acquainted with where snowboarding came from … 

Snowboarding’s Mini-Shredders of Tomorrow

With articles appearing in the last few years like “Is Snowboarding Dying?” in Men’s Journal sometimes it feels like everyone wants the sport to just give up and … well … die. That’s when it is good to look back at your roots. Sure there’s been a decline in snowboarding, and a natural slowdown, but maybe that’s a good thing? Because at it’s core snowboarding was always about freedom, escape and youth … and with new initiatives like Burton’s Riglet Park bringing kids as young as 3-years old into snowboarding, the future’s bright! More importantly, programs such as Riglet feed demand for snowboard instructors by providing industry support and backing … just ask Tammy (our coach for the Peak Leader 10-week snowboard instructor course in Morzine (France)) from MINT Snowboarding who runs dedicated Mini-Shred courses for little rippers in association with Burton UK.

Little ripper happy learning the MINT way to snowboard

Little ripper happy learning the MINT way to snowboard

“We Ride” – Snowboarding History 101

“We Ride” is full length movie by burn, filmed and edited by Grain Media.

Released a couple years ago, it is essential viewing for any snowboard instructor. Interviews and archival footage with Todd Richards, Gigi Rüf, Terje Haakonsen, Jake Burton, Tom Sims, Stale Sandbech and Craig Kelly … give you an exclusive insight into how the sport grew from backyard to boardroom.

So, sit back and enjoy the past to the present …