2015 Coaches Camp kicks things off with a bang!

Flying in from all over the world, the trainees arrived for the start of our Coaches Camp 2015. Here’s a quick look at what’s been happening so far at Whistler Mountain Bike Park …

Getting to know the Coaches Camp trainees

Everyone arrived safe and sound, bikes included, and the trainees did a quick meet and greet, but most importantly…built up their bikes and had a look round our dialled chalet.  To get the Coaches Camp kicked off, we got the formal introductions and paperwork out the way and fired up the barbie! Our Group Leader Dahj is no stranger to the BBQ, being Aussie and all, with some of the best burgers in the village…a welcome feast for the masses!

Coaches camp meet and greet at the chalet

Introductions at the chalet

Dahj fires up some burgers for the Coaches Camp meet and greet

Dahj on the Barbie

Getting stuck into the burgers

Cheesy burgers…nom

Perfect preparation

Loads of work goes into preparing for the arrival of our crew, wherever our courses are running, like making sure we’ve got everything needed to keep equipment in perfect condition.

Building up the bikes at the Coaches Camp chalet

Fine tuning before heading to the Bike Park

Go easy at first

Rule number one – always go easy at first … because there’s five weeks to survive.

With professional advice being given from Tom and Mike, our partner Terramethod instructors, all the trainee coaches learn to ease into the trails and features at Whistler Mountain Bike Park .

Trainees get cracking with the CTC Trails Leader at Lost Lake on the Coaches Camp

Lost Lake for the CTC Trail Leader

Coaches Camp trainees start with bike handling skills at Lost Lake

Bike handling games at Lost Lake

Dahj initiates the trainees with some rider development on the Coaches Camp

Some rider development with Dahj

Dahj goes over Jump technique on the Coaches Camp

Jumping on the Gentle Giant

Coaches Camp trainees practice demos on the Gentle Giant

Demonstration from Alex

Finally, never trust a “follow me” early on!

Of course, it can’t all be easy riding, but when the instructor says “follow me”, you’ve got to make sure you do exactly that…or have REALLY big travel on your shocks.

Coaches Camp trainees ride Blue Velvet
Trainees ride Blue Velvet
 trainees ride Blue Velvet

trainees ride Blue Velvet

trainees ride Blue Velvet

Luckily, Fox 40s saved the day – and our trainee’s next five weeks on the Coaches Camp 2015!

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