Perfect snow conditions in Argentina

Colo has just sent us a quick update from Bariloche (Argentina). Seems the snow has dumped, the resort of Cerro Catedral has opened and the BBQ pit is ready and waiting …

Epic Argentina

Hola Peak Leaders!

With only a few days to go we have more snow coming in the next few days, making the already perfect resort conditions … epic!

There’s also low temperatures forecast so the snow is not going anywhere – it should just get better and better.

Here’s the latest video from Cerro Catedral

Check out the forecast here!

Town is getting busy

The first few weeks at the resort have seen the locals queuing early, and skiers and riders from around the world arrive into Bariloche … all the bars and usual venues are open and so expect some lively apres ski sessions with a feel good vibe in resort and town.

BBQ is fired up

We have the fire going for our big welcome “Asado” so you can have a taste of Argy meat as soon as you get off the plane.

Argentina asado feast

Looking forward to another amazing season and showing you around the best riding spots.

See you all very soon!!