Newly qualified IDP Level 1 instructors!

Cheryl McClorey completed the Peak Leaders Whistler Bike Park Academy 3 week mountain bike coaching course back in May (read about it here). She was such a hit we asked her to stay on and help with course leader activities for the new trainees. Here’s Cheryl’s week 2 Whistler blog …

Congrats on passing IDP Level 1

Like the Peak Leaders Bike Park Academy in May, the heatwave is back, with temperatures up in the 30’s again.

Perfect Whistler weather for lakeside capers, but pretty grueling on the bike park, and not just on the trails.

Our 2015 trainees fared exceptionally well this week, taking in a mountain of IDP Level 1 and cornering theory on their journey to becoming qualified bike guides.

Firstly, a massive congratulations to everyone for passing their IDP Level 1.

Everyone passes IDP Level 1 and smiles all round in the bike park

100% pass rate

Well done guys, you did good!

Moreover, a certificate wasn’t the only thing everyone gained during week 2, a hefty downhill hero t-shirt and knee pad suntan is being proudly sported all over the village by our 17 strong team of newly qualified guides .

Lean the bike!

Week 2 started off with some rider development in the shape of cornering theory.

Split into three groups, mountain bike guides Mike Johnstone, Javier Munoz, Dahj Purvis and David Weeks stripped everyone back to basics.

Practicing lessons and cornering demos for IDP Level 1

Lessons in action

Teaching 45⁰ angulation, making better use of side treads on existing tires, and the old bend and twist, saw the guys railing round those berms at new found speeds.

To pass IDP Level 1, we need to see a combination of theory, practice, and well-placed feedback resulting in our trainees gaining much better technique and more speed.

More cornering practice to pass IDP Level 1 on Easy Does it

lean the bike

Level pedals

After everyone’s cornering epiphanies the day before, it was time to get down to business the next day.

Off to the “Fitz Zone” skill centre, Mike introduced verbal splits, bike checks and loading the bike; all crucial skills for the IDP Level 1 and setting up a lesson for success.

Once the basics of IDP Level 1 were covered, it was time to learn how to teach beginners the necessary prerequisites for riding down “EZ Does It”

IDP Level 1 instruction over and time to practice on the trails

Teaching the basics on Ez Does It

The morning saw the groups learn how to teach beginners the neutral position, braking and cornering with the “what, how and why” of each step, including hill safety, demos and positive feedback.

By the time it came to individual practice sessions in the afternoon, the standard of everyone’s skills presentation was seriously impressive.

It was clear at this stage that everyone would pass the exam, so hats off to everyone for listening and paying attention in that heat.

Steazy does it

After a midweek day off, the groups were back at it and straight onto Ez Does It to learn how to guide down the trail.

After passing IDP Level 1, the trainees did some fun laps

Sending Freight Train

First up, the safety spiel… “the 5 S’s and a Bear” as it’s affectionately known around these parts (you’ll have to book onto a course to find out what it means though!).

The groups also learned how to verbal cue whilst cycling, spotting for errors, and appropriate, progressive coaching the further they lead down the trail.

One of the best stops on Ez Does It, is at the legendary “Crabapple Hits”, by far the biggest jumps in the park.

These jumps will grow hairs on your chest and are a cracking stopping place for beginners to view the pros in awe!

Just lapping for fun

After a few more laps down Ez Does It, giving everyone a chance to practice, it was definitely time to round off the week with some fun laps.

“A-line to Family Cross”? “Crank it up to Heart of Darkness”? “Blue Velvet into Oriental Express”?

Take your pick and get ripping!

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