Swapping skis for a snowboard instructor lesson (WEEK 6)

Week 6 on the Saas Fee ski and snowboard instructor course and the sun is shining. It’s all change… blue skies for snow storms, snowboards for skis, skis for snowboards, and suncream for spooky makeup… Here’s course leader Steve with the update…

Reach for the suncream

The weather has really been on our side recently and this week was no different.

A sunny powdery day in Saas on our snowboard instructor course.

Trying out skiing instead of being a trainee snowboard instructor

Blue skies almost everyday with large dumps of snow overnight in the middle of the week made for happy trainees.

Amazingly, the pistes are quiet, the snow is incredible… and we’re loving it!

Switching it up

This week has been varied and interesting on the mountain.

We started the week with a switch of discipline – the snowboarders took advantage of the opportunity to have a ski lesson with our newly qualified ski instructors and vice versa, our trainee snowboard instructors donned their skis!

4 trainee snowboard instructors trying their hand at skiing

“We got this!!!” – snowboarder steeze on skis…


I think everyone would agree that having a student who genuinely needs instruction is a great way to practice the teaching techniques which have been learnt over the past six weeks.

It was great to see everyone having fun and learning throughout, although some people definitely looked more comfortable than others!

Practicing some basic ski techniques

Unfortunately, dreams of Swiss Ski Team stardom may be a little way off despite the excellent coaching from our new BASI Level 1 snowboard instructors

Going to the “Dark Side”

On Saturday the tables were turned as it was a chance for the skiers to turn to the dark side and try their hand at snowboarding.

Skiers trying to stand up on their snowboards and not having much luck!

“Just roll over and stand up… uh, ok?!?” – our skiers deciding practicing grabs was far easier than attempting to stand upright for more than 10 seconds at a time

It’s fair to say that everyone has come out of these sessions as more confident instructors with a greater appreciation for the other disciplines… and Brett looks ridiculously cool with a board!

One of our trainees looking gangsta in his snowboard get up

Skier Brett going for the “Gangsta Snowboarde instructor” look…

Racer ready?

Throughout the week the skiers have been shadowing Kandahar and Zenit ski clubs which has been a chance for the trainees to observe and assist with real lessons.

Our trainee snowboard instructor wrapped up warm on a cold but sunny day

Lesson One of ski coaching on a glacier at nearly 4,000m… wrap up REALLY warm

More fresh snow

The overnight snowfall mid-week really put the whole ski area in great conditions for training.

Having the freshly groomed pistes almost entirely to ourselves is unreal.

The snowboarders filmed each other delivering explanations and demonstrations for each section of the Central Theme which proved pretty handy when introducing the skiers to snowboarding later in the week. 

Empty pistes in Saas Fee make it seem like a private resort for our trainee snowboard instructors

Saas Fee could almost be a private Peak Leaders resort… perfect for practising teaching skills. 

It has really helped the trainees this week, we’re seeing huge progression as we edge closer towards the BASI Level 2 exams in two weeks time. 

Job offers from around the world

Off the mountain has been just as active as ever – with job offers flying in from around the world… our trainees are certainly stoked about that!

Monday saw the continuation of Disa’s quiz which this week included a competitive “Harry Potter” round and more physical challenges including the infamous “Cinnamon Challenge!”

more fun and games back at the hotel on the snowboard instructors course

“Cinnamon Challenge!” – you’ll have to come on a course to find out…

Fit for the season

Jake’s fitness sessions are keeping everyone on their toes, whether it be circuit training on Tuesday or the Parkour course on Thursday.

Ibex camouflaged against the cliffs in Saas Fee

Jake’s been keeping the trainees fit as the Ibex look on…

Tipple or two

A few of the trainees ventured out to the local bars for a mid-week tipple on Wednesday expecting the mountain to be closed with the heavy snowfall… but were surprised to see everything open early on Thursday morning.

Surprisingly their riding was brilliant that day! Maybe that’s the key….. 

Postcard shot of Saas Fee - the perfect place for our snowboard instructor course

If Carlsberg did hangover cures… groomed pistes, mountain air and stunning views! 

Getting ghostly

This weekend was mostly about the Rugby World Cup Final and Halloween at our usual haunt (get it?), Popcorn.

Our trainee instructors in Hallowe'en fancy dress.

Spooky Saas Fee Snowboard Instructors!!!

And relax

Weekends here in the valley are really a chance to relax, recover and have some down time if we’re not skiing/boarding.

A few of us decided on Sunday morning that we’d go for a ‘relaxing stroll’ which ended up being an epic hike from Saas Fee to Saas Grund via Saas Almagell, sketchy rope bridges and all kinds of terrain!

Stunning Autumnal colours on a hike in Saas Fee

Autumn in Saas Fee brings the full colour spectrum to life

A perfect way to start what we anticipate to be a successful November for all!

Back to business

It’s back to business as usual with Emma, Jake and Gibbo this week – with the added treat of race training for the skiers on Wednesday.

Bring it on!

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