Stress of exams over with…phew, and now Lesley from BASS Ski School filmed our skiers for video analysis, highlighting some real changes in their technique and everyone is starting to look like real instructors, stoked!

For our snowboarders, Dave from Mint Snowboarding worked the group through technical riding but also talked about avalanche safety, which is so important for any ski or snowboard instructor.  Dave talked about what to do with equipment and what to do in a situation if an avalanche does occur, like trying to find a glove with a transceiver in it when its beneath 2 feet of snow!! We also received a demonstration on digging a snow pit to see all the different layers of snow and how that affects the chance of it sliding in certain conditions.

Avalanche safety exercise

Avalanche safety, digging for different layers with Dave

Those precious days off

A day off here in Morzine is not for wasting, and the trainees were up for some adventuring, so a few of us crossed the borders into Switzerland and compared mountains..not every morning you get the chance to ski in two different countries, an excellent day was had and finished off with some fondue..nom!

Dinner with the team


The trainees also enjoyed another Morzine Penguins game, playing at home against the Amiens. Although a high scoring game last time, the penguins still lost. This week though we enjoyed another high scoring game and Freddie finally got a chance to see a goal. We had action seats right behind the goals so some whooping and hollering as well as some jumpy moments when the puck hit the protective glass and not the back of the net…haha!

A hockey game in Morzine

Action seats and back of the net!

Fun and games

We finished the week off with a super fun Pub quiz, and the trainees got creative with some team names; Beauty and the Brain, Kellys Kitcats and so forth. We had some brilliant and informative questions about the mountains and 2015, including a brain tickling “what was the biggest snowflake ever recorded??”

Do you know?

Next week the trainees start the shadowing process with the badass instructors from Mint and Bass, trying to soak up all that experience and help them towards their BASI Level 2…good luck guys!

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