What we learned

Tony from Mint Snowboarding worked his group through carve turns, some other new moves and gain much more confidence in the park, an amazing lesson from Tony with everyone adding even more skills to the instructor roster!

Even more exciting this week though, the first week of our trainees showing our course instructors from Mint and Bass how they shape up in front of real clients. Both awesome and challenging, the trainees were put through their paces, and when they got back they swapped stories of reward and even a few comedy falls haha…all good experience!!

Morzine trainees having fun skiing

And the fun we had!

This weeks active rest came in the form of some ice skating, a personal highlight and proving that some of our most graceful skiers were transformed to something…eh..a little less so on the ice haha!!

To their credit though, our snowboarders, Jake and Georgia took to it quite well, however Freddie was our resident Bambi on ice. It’s a long way to fall when you’re 6ft2, and Freddies quite genius solution was to provide his knees with some extra padding, and wrap some socks round them for extra protection.


Next week the trainees will continue their journey, and step some more. Next week is half-term, and everyone will get the chance to shadow the instructors working with children, picking up some vital differences between adult and child learning.

Trainees relaxing at Morzine

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