Essential Snowboard Movies 10 Edits To Get You Stoked!

Nothing gets us more stoked for the season than watching essential snowboard movies! Seeing the pros going HUGE in the park, floating through Japanese pow or hiking the gnarliest lines accessible to man is what gets the juices flowing in the build up to the snow season. Peak Leaders have compiled this ‘must watch’ guide of essential snowboard movies and edits for any rider who’s having withdrawal symptoms from lack of snow!

This is probably the most iconic top to bottom park run to date. Filmed at Northstar park for Standard Films’ Aesthetica in 2008, Torstein displays an amount of control and stylish variation that any rider would love. Enhanced by the lack of soundtrack, the filming feels raw and untouched, as if we’re right there riding alongside the Norwegian. Torstein is still the king of the smooth landing and definitely makes it into our essential snowboard movies! A good person to try to emulate if you’re sitting your BASI exams!

That’s It, That’s All (2008)

Widely regarded as having one of the best soundtracks to any snowboarding movie, the predecessor to The Art of Flight was released in 2008 and filmed entirely in HD – nothing fancy for our futuristic lifestyles in 2016 but 8 years ago this was revolutionary for the snowsports industry! Travis Rice, Terje Haakonsen, Bryan Iguchi, Jeremy Jones and Nico Muller are just a handful of the big names riding locations from AK to Japan.

The Art of Flight (2011)

The follow up to That’s It, That’s All and arguably the most famous snowboard movie ever released, this needs no introduction. Watch, enjoy and embrace the slo-mo!
Views from the 7th (2016)
Women’s snowboarding is far less publicised that men’s but that takes nothing away from the quality of riding that comes out of the female side of the sport. Riders like Jamie Anderson and Spencer O’Brien continue to pave a way for future generations. This edit from 2016 does a good job of showing what the girls can do! We hope to see much more edits like this next season.

Seb Toots – Street Edit (2014)
Sebastian Toutant (Seb Toots) is not a one trick pony! One of the most versatile riders in the world, the Canadian dominated a lot of the competitive calendar in 2016, showing us two years earlier that his rail game is on point in this banging street segment from Montreal, Canada. The whole edit was filmed in just two weeks! The back rodeo to front board and boardslide – backflip – boardslide make this essential viewing!

Nicolas Muller – “It’s Always Snowing Somewhere” (2008)
Often seen riding on the glacier in Saas Fee, Switzerland, Nico Muller’s part from “It’s Always Snowing Somewhere” was filmed entirely in Japan and will make you want to shred endless pow in the land of the rising sun! Pillows, butters, effortless transfers and a shifty tail-tap off a chairlift. What more could you want?

Haakonson Factor (1999)

Travel back to the golden days of last century (1999 to be precise) and learn from the master of the method – Terje Haakonsen. The fashion and equipment might seem laughable compared to today’s standards but without guys like Terje, our sport wouldn’t be what it is today.

Jeremy Jones – Deeper (2010)

Essential viewing for those who hate chairlifts. Well, okay, not only chair haters but anyone who can see the enjoyment in hiking huge backcountry peaks and embracing the adventure that is available outside of resorts. Jeremy Jones is your ‘go to guy’ for big mountain and big production movies. Also, check out his other movies ‘Further’ and ‘Higher’.

Ryan Knapton – Ultimate Buttering/Flatland (2014)

This guy is just a super smooth rider who shows us how fun pistes can be! If you watch Ryan Knapton carving and buttering his way around the untouched corduroy you’ll find plenty of inspiration to try some new achievable tricks. This makes itself swiftly into our essential snowboard movies!

Marcus Kleveland Season Edit (2016)

The future of competitive snowboarding. I’m pretty sure he was sent from another planet just to challenge snowboard commentators on earth! You could watch his tricks for days and still end up thinking…’what just happened?’ The Norwegian wunderkind, Marcus Kleveland, has just turned 17 and this is his 2015/16 edit. At 11 he was doing double corks, waited until he was 13 to land triples


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