Saas Fee Week 7 – Adventure Photographer Charlotte Workman

We’re into week 7 here on Peak Leaders’ pre-season ski instructor course in Saas Fee and things are looking good! With 2 weeks of training left before the start of the BASI Level 2 exams the instructors are making big advancements in their skiing.

We had a treat this week – adventure photographer Charlotte Workman was in town taking some incredible shots on and off the mountain. She was kind enough to take over the Peak Leaders Instagram account and share some of her experience out here.

Week 7 has seen the trainee instructors come on leaps and bounds with both their skiing ability and teaching skills. There’s quite a large step up between the standards required to pass the BASI Level 1 and 2 assessments but everyone has been pushing themselves in training on the mountain with Emma and Jake from Element Concept.

Teaching sessions have been impressive with many of the guys getting much more confident at delivering Central Theme sessions through a better understanding of the skiing fundamentals.

With snow beginning to fall lower and lower down the mountain, the pistes are primed and in brilliant condition. It’s easy to forget that it’s only the beginning of November! This can only be a good sign for the coming winter in Europe…

With greater snowfall comes a greater risk so it’s brilliant to see that the ski patrol teams around Saas Fee are constantly on the ball, preparing the slopes and keeping us lovely people safe!

As you’ll know by now, Emma and Jake are highly regarded around these parts as fantastic trainers. We can see a huge difference in the skiing technique from just a few weeks ago and we still have many weeks of training still to go!
With the turning of the weather and the snow falling down to the village, Jake has taken his fitness sessions indoors and is now focussing on circuit training.

The job offers are rolling in, the nights are getting earlier and the temperatures are dropping. Winter is definitely around the corner!

What is the best way to spend a Friday afternoon after a long week of training? You guessed it…gondola party!
The weekend was again a chance to relax, play scrabble (what’s wrong with that!?) and generally have a leisurely break. Some people visited the spa or went out for dinner. Obviously, the weekly trip to Popcorn was on the cards, would it really be a weekend without Popcorn?

Next week (week 8) will be the big push, the final week of training with Emma and Jake before the BASI 2 assessment! The trees are shedding their leaves and the smell of winter is definitely in the air. If Patrick predicts snow – let it snow!
Also, huge thank you to Charlotte Workman for her incredible photos!

If all this chat has further tempted you to book a course with us, why not check out our Verbier option, which starts on the 27th November 2016. You’ll be trained by Emma and Jake from Element Ski School and also, like Saas Fee, there’s jobs on offer for the REST of the season with Les Elfes International.

Head to to check out Charlotte’s brilliant work.