The Season to be Jolly – and to work…

After the high drama of the Level One exam Week Four saw the Verbier team get into the festive spirit – as well as getting to work.

That’s because the Trainees need to do 70 shadowing hours between finishing their Level One and doing their Level Two. This can be any “ski school” experience but following instructors on the hill is easily the best way to learn.

So while Jake and Emma (their trainers for the course) were teaching clients for the busy weeks, the trainees got to work shadowing and helping the instructors at Les Elfes. Essentially they are there to watch and learn and help where they can – but inevitably that mean they were soon getting stuck in and helping students get skis on, picking up the few who inevitably tumbled and generally helping out with the groups.

Getting ready for Christmas

As well as days spent on the hill there are very important traditions in the Peak Leaders Chalet, and dressing the Christmas Tree is one. The team (now joined by Theo who has joined the course until the end of the season) pooled resources and found the “best value” decorations in town – including what looked suspiciously like a remodelled Heineken can as the star at the top. But whilst unconventional, it was certainly festive.

The team also planned a Secret Santa and with a strict budget the standard of gifts was simultaneously amusing and, well, cheap. These included an avocado for Jaqui (yes, that’s it – just an avocado wrapped up), a poem written especially for Jon and improvised Beer Pong (some plastic cups and ping pong balls).

It might not sound great but they thought it was hysterical…

Then Christmas Eve was spent at T-Bar where there was live music and thankfully not too many photos have come to light. Meanwhile, with Fiona and Sharon away, the team was slightly depleted for Christmas Dinner but the remaining trainees did their best and managed to hoover up all the turkey that Gabby could cook – and all sprouts were dealt with accordingly.