Race training, Off piste day, Pre exam training

The final week before the level 2 exam and everyone was starting to feel the pressure a bit. The team skied with Emma this week, the ideal preparation for the exam as she is an examiner who delivers lots of BASI courses throughout the season. At this point of the course the pressure can get to people (understandably so) but Emma had a cunning plan.

The week would consist not only of technical days but be broken up by an off-piste day with Jake and a race training day with her and the Concept L3 ISIA trainees. Here are some of the racers below.



On Tuesday the focus was on individual technical ability – perfecting the BASI strands that the team had been working on for the past 8 weeks. Training days can sometimes be challenging, even more so when there is an exam looming, but the Peak Leaders dug deep and made some really positive changes. After all it is just skiing which is great fun!

Wednesday was the off-piste day and everyone was early to the lift that morning – raring to go! The team skied hard and covered most of the resort. And it’s a big place!



Much whooping, hollering and yipping was heard on the off-piste day and everyone had at least one tumble in the soft stuff. The biggest cheer of the day was when Jake fell over in Bruson. Everyone loves it when the coach falls over! The snow was epic and everyone skied until they dropped.



The final few days were spent with Emma ironing out technical flaws and sharpening up teaching skills. It’s incredible how quickly time goes by. On the first day, 8 weeks ago, it seemed a long way to go until the level 2 exam and then suddenly it’s just around the corner. The final dryland training session took place and we got a great photo to finish. Including Indie, our team mascot, of course!



And now on to the BASI Level 2 exam for the next two weeks. Good luck everyone!