Powder! Beer Pong and Wise Words

Loads of snow, everywhere! Yes it dumped down this week and the Peak Leaders have made the most of it. Back to Bruson to discover more secret stashes and experience real powder skiing in deep, deep snow!



Bruson is THE ski instructors secret haven where not many people go skiing … so shhhh! People are put off by the old lifts over there and the chill of the north facing mountain … but who really cares when it keeps on chucking down masses of light fluffy snow and you can enjoy the awesome tree skiing with nobody else there. I’m pretty sure these guys don’t mind!


The snow was deep, and of course a few comedy tumbles … which was very entertaining. From a technical point of view the snow and terrain was perfect to practice variable skiing and hone important skills. As you can see Jacqui was really pleased that the white stuff had arrived and wanted to make the most of it.

There’s nothing better after an epic day of skiing than a few drinks to celebrate, reminisce about old war stories of who fell over where and who nailed the best powder run. All the boys tried to claim these but Sharon and Jacqui quickly brought them back to earth, with a bump, after smashing them at beer pong and showing them who’s boss! Ed and Will weren’t too badly scarred though. Then they found a new iPhone on the streets on the way home, which they immediately handed it in. Top work Ed and Will!

Even though it was still snowing the team were focused on the fact that they had to lots to learn on the course. It’s vital to learn how to ski in powder or chopped up conditions but it’s also vital to keep on practicing and learning new skills. The team delivered lots of lessons over the week to practice teaching, some were really inventive – like this one from Sharon impressing the whole group with her take on teaching leg rotation.

After that it was back to learning variable skiing over on Savolyeres and everyone was getting far more confident skiing in deeper snow as you can see from the video below:

Video – from Peak Leaders Instagram account January 12th

The guys in #Verbier ripping up the mountain #snow #powder #peakleaders #gapcourse

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When the team were not busy enjoying the mountain then they were dryland training, working on their fitness and strength.

Boxing was a big hit!



That Friday the team had a post training drink with their coach Jake who they presented with an awesome handmade card full of catchphrases/wise words from their training time with him. I think it is safe to say they loved skiing with Jake!

It was a great way to celebrate the end of that part of the course.