Exams, Curling, Awards and Celebrations

And they are off – the level 2 exam is here!

To get everyone finally prepared for their exam it was time for some mental motivation and a final group outing to the sports centre ice rink. None of the group had tried Curling before but I think we can safely say after our hour on the ice everyone was hooked! What started out as a friendly game soon became a massive rivalry that included some amazing skills. Fiona even managed a forward roll serve that was so good it won her game on the last throw! In the last few minutes Freddie, Jens, Jacqui and Sharon swooped in with some awesome skills and ended up winning the 2017 title.



The BASI level 2 exam is a challenging course, it’s over 10 days and it tests candidates thoroughly both on their technical skiing and their teaching ability. Everyone had worked hard to improve not only their own skiing but fitness and strength too. Over the course they had also formed a tight knit team who were there to support each other which is crucial for exam time.

Each day throws up a lot of new challenges, both mental and physical, and in the evenings everyone needs time to relax. Some people went to the pub for a quick game of darts, some relaxed at home, Fiona decided to start up a quiz night – which revolved around questions based on the group and their lives which was a big hit!

BASI trainer Jon was renowned as being an inspirational skier, who the group found awesome to watch and a wealth of information. The team quickly found out he loved Central Theme and he loved practicing it, but then skiing fast and enjoying ripping up the mountain too.

The Peak Leaders season awards took place with Jake in their Chalet. Though the level 2 exam still had a couple of days to run this was a great way for everyone to relax and remember funny moments from the previous 8 weeks. Categories included – best fall, most creative lesson, best hangover and best haircut!



Friday quickly came round and the Level 2 exam came to a close. Win or lose each person headed to the pub to celebrate the end of the exam and course. It’s safe to say everyone celebrated together with a few drinks with their coaches.

And just like that…the ten week course was over! Everyone had the time of their lives and most were staying on for the rest of the season in the chalet. Lots of the group had interviews on Monday with Les Elfes and now it was time to put their instructor qualifications to use and teach real clients.

The 2016/17 Peak Leaders team was awesome … the 10 weeks flew by in a flash … they made some lifelong friends, learnt lots, can rip up the mountain now and will start the next chapter of their lives with loads of amazing memories. Thanks for being such a great team … you guys rock!