That’s it, that’s all!…..or is it?

We’ve just completed week 8 of Peak Leaders’ 9-week ski instructor course in Bariloche, Argentina. It saw the of the BASI exams, the last full group asado, and the departure of some of the group who return to the Northern Hemisphere as BASI qualified ski instructors!

The BASI Alpine Level 2 exam was the final hurdle for our group of instructors. Previously during the course, they had successfully completed the Level 1 assessment to become qualified ski instructors. The step between Levels 1 and 2 is a big one. Our group this year have been very focussed and trained hard every day to achieve this goal!

As the Level 2 section is a two-week assessment this was the second week and we couldn’t have asked for better weather. Following on from last week, Spring is definitely here! The goggle tans are surprisingly impressive especially for Cameron, Ned and Matteo!

Conditions all season have been incredible. Snow when you want it (and plenty of it) then sun to enjoy the new snow.

Although there was a slight air of nervousness around the group in the final week of exams, they all kept their cool well. It can be a big challenge to meet the required standard for such a reputable and recognised qualification especially when you have the chairman of BASI training you!

🇦🇷 We're into the final week of BASI 2 – wish us luck! #peakleaders 📷 @_charlotteworkman_

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But it’s not all serious….

Revenge! No where to hide … 😳#itsmonday #peakleaders #gapyear #skiing #argentina ❄️🇦🇷⛷

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Now that the exams are over, once again a new group of fully qualified ski instructors are looking forward to teaching at ski schools around the world including Switzerland, Canada, Austria and even Japan!

We rounded off the week and the course with a great asado by the lake. Ned tried to help but inevitably over-cooked the food in style! Matteo salvaged what the local ‘asadors’ were calling a ‘disaster’….Argentinians take great pride in their asados!

Some of the guys – Sam, Ned, Annie, Rory and Dan – depart the group at this stage to return home, start university or continue their travels around South America.

We wish them the best of luck with everything! I’m sure they’ll spread the word of the incredible Andes and some of the nicest locals you can meet around the world.

🇦🇷 Second last day of the course here in Argentina! #peakleaders 📷 @_charlotteworkman_

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For all of the rest that will stay for the final week we have many great trips planned. The weekend is free for the guys to have a well deserved relax before we go horse riding on the Patagonian Steppe next week, followed by freestyle lessons and a trip to Buenos Aires!

Time to enjoy the spring sunshine ….