SAAS FEE 2017 – WEEK 3

Another week flew by in Saas-Fee, but now the trainees are all prepped and raring to go for the BASI level 1 instructor exam!

The focus for the week’s training was a mixture of teaching and technical development so that the trainees could get the most from the level 1 exam.

James and Will were training the team. They were delivering teaching sessions to the trainees, highlighting some of the most important elements of teaching beginners how to ski. James is an examiner so he was the ideal coach to have to set the trainees up for success next week.

Over the course of the week the trainees delivered sessions to the rest of their group, working on how to make fun and engaging lessons whilst improving the learner and keeping the group safe. We had some great sessions and the trainees threw all their energy into it!

In between teaching days, we took the opportunity to develop carving and short turns which were the main focus of our video feedback sessions this week. This was a great opportunity for the trainees to see themselves in action and create an action plan for improving their turns.

However, I think the highlight of the week for everyone had to be the impromptu ride on a piste groomer at the end of the day on Wednesday. Unfortunately one of the T-bars temporarily broke down, which meant the only way to get back to the lift station was to hitch a ride in a bucket hanging off the front of one of the groomers! A slightly cosy, precarious affair, it provided much amusement to top off another great day on the hill.

Off snow the trainees worked hard on their fitness with trips to the Parcour course up in the forest that surrounds Saas-Fee. A beautiful setting to work out in, running through the trees with snow capped mountains peeking through the gaps in the autumn leaves. The Parcour course is a great workout that balances cardio and strength, with multiple stops for various exercises such as step ups, pull ups, agility courses and core exercises. The trainees all said they loved training in this amazing and motivational environment and they especially loved having Indie (the Peak Leaders dog and mascot!) to run alongside!

A relaxing Saturday out of ski boots was the perfect opportunity for everyone to crack on with applying for jobs for the winter. Peak Leaders have a few partnerships to help place trainees as instructors for the coming season.

The team in Saas Fee are now ready to take their first BASI exam and are one step closer to becoming a ski instructor.

Good luck to all the Peak Leaders next week!