VERBIER 2017/18 – WEEK 4

It’s Christmas! Verbier has loads of decorations everywhere and a massive tree in place centrale. Town is getting very busy now and everyone is gearing up for two of the busiest weeks of the year! Even Indie, the Peak Leaders mascot, is getting in on the act.

Christmas and boxing day were days off but training started again on Wednesday for both groups. Now the focus is the level 2 exam. This exam is a big step up from level 1 both on the standard of skiing required and the lessons the Peak Leaders will need to deliver. With that in mind the next few weeks of training are crucial. So its back to the Mountain to learn and practice new skills. Everyone loves short turn training!

Even in Christmas week the Peak Leaders are working hard to improve their skiing and of course their fitness too. Sessions last 60 minutes and comprise of bodyweight exercises and also boxing, weights and, for some, even a unicycle…

The focus of the course is about the exams however it’s also important to learn about the Mountain environment we want to work in. This week both groups had a day out with Roeland, a hugely experienced Mountain guide, who taught the Peak Leaders about different types of snow and the hidden dangers of off piste skiing.

Everyone had avalanche equipment and the trainees learnt how to use this in case they were ever in a situation when they needed to find someone after a slide. Having learnt about the equipment it was time to go and explore some of Verbier’s awesome off piste terrain! Here’s a great photo of James shredding!

Both groups loved the off piste days and they got rave reviews. Roeland managed to combine teaching theory of off piste skiing with the excitement of skiing deep powder and enjoying the amazing snow that has fallen so far this season. You can see from everyone’s faces that they loved the day!

As always New Year’s Eve is a spectacular event in Verbier. Fireworks are set off all over town and the night sky looks amazing as the brief explosions light up the Mountains. So it’s farewell to 2017 and roll on 2018…