VERBIER 2017/18 – WEEK 6

Boom … it’s snowing again!!! This season just keeps on giving and giving!

This week one group was shadowing with Les Elfes ski school again whilst the other was training with Will, working hard to improve their technical and teaching skills. It’s often difficult to stay motivated and focused when you’re working hard at something, even skiing! Not the Peak Leaders team … even after five weeks of full on training the Peak Leaders arrive at the lift bright eyed and bushy tailed ready to try and learn to become better skiers and teachers. Teo and James are fired up and ready to go!

Training is hard and making changes takes time and effort. When Emma and Will ski it seems that they’re not putting that much effort in but believe me they are working incredibly hard. Like a lot of sports if you’re efficient in your movements then the picture that you see looks easy to copy. But it’s definitely not – these guys have been working for years to perfect their technique!

So going back to basics is very important and top of that list is how you stand on your skis and your posture. At this level of skiing it’s important to be able to feel the small changes so that you can correct anything that might adversely affect your performance.

Will is working his magic with Tom to ensure he understands what he needs to do and turn him into an awesome Ski Instructor!

It’s not just in Switzerland and Europe that the snow is amazing. In Japan they have had an awesome start to the season in Niseko. One of our Saas Fee Peak Leaders, Shai, sent us this epic photo of him shredding powder there. Great upper body discipline Shai!

Next week both groups are back to full time training. They have two more weeks with the Peak Leaders coaches before their exam starts … its time to ski hard, improve and love skiing even more! The Peak Leaders team will continue train with Jake on their fitness and strength so that they can reach their potential on the slopes. Loads of skiing, learning how to teach lessons and physical training can take it out of you! So it’s important to remember why you want to be out in the Mountains. Primarily skiing is awesome, loads of fun, the people are a laugh and finally views like this certainly help out!

Next week the trainees are trying to escape out rooms, ski powder and one step closer to becoming fully fledged ski instructors!