VERBIER 2017/18 – WEEK 7

You will never guess what!? Yes – more snow! An epic season has officially turned into an unbelievable one! Everyone in resort loves it when it snows and the Peak Leaders are no different…

Of course it is one thing loving powder snow and another being good enough to ski it. The Peak Leaders have certainly had a lot of it to practice in the last few weeks and if you can ski well on piste then you should be able to ski well off piste also. The trainees spend a lot of time perfecting their long and short turns but there’s nothing quite like ripping through deep snow especially when you’ve got amazing terrain to choose from, like in Verbier.

It’s not just skiing though. All the trainees must complete an Outdoor first aid course too so that they know what to do in case of an accident or emergency on or off the slopes. This is an important part of becoming a qualified ski instructor and a useful like skill. Here are Robbie and Tom helping Hugo out. Well they might be helping him out…

This week both groups were back training with coaches Emma and Will. There’s now just two weeks to go until the BASI level 2 exam and everyone is beginning to feel the pressure a little. Managing the pressure (BASI joke) is tough because you need to have some to spur you on but if you let it get to you too much it can be detrimental. Hugo seems to have the right idea. Focus on the training but make sure you enjoy the snow!

Perhaps the best sign the trainees are focused and wanting to improve is their constant enthusiasm for the course and skiing. Even when they have time off on the weekends the trainees still want to go out and find cool new places to ski and put into practice what they’ve been taught. Here is James shredding, again! Credit to Alex for the awesome photo!

So now it’s on to the final week of Peak Leaders training. Everyone knows from the coaches what they need to practice and improve upon. So it’s time to get out there, work hard and focus on skiing and teaching.