VERBIER 2017/18 – WEEK 8

This week is the final training block before for the Peak Leaders start their BASI Level 2 exams and they had a couple of special ski days to celebrate! We had a day of Giant Slalom racing on the Stade over in Savoleyres and an off -piste poweder day with Marco (PL freestyle coach & Mountain guide!) Oh, and off course, it snowed once again! Even Indie, the Peak Leaders mascot, got in on the act…

Race training is excellent practice for carving long turns. It’s great for the Peak Leaders to try this not only for technique, competitiveness but also confidence! Although it seems like something new actually it focuses on so many of the skills that they need for skiing. Timing, coordination, balance and strength to name but a few. Maintaining a carved turn and not skidding round the race gates is hard both from a technique point of view but also a speed point of view. You’re going pretty fast! Teo took to it straight away, getting some great angles on the course.

As mentioned above Marco was back this week to guide each group around Verbier and find some awesome off piste skiing. He took both groups out and they had a amazing conditions each day. Tonnes of snow (of course!) but also perfect weather to go for an explore around Verbier. They all seemed pretty happy about it!

Every person who was skiing off piste had a massive grin on their face when they got back but also looked utterly exhausted after their day out with Marco. That’s no doubt because he made them earn their turns. No lifts for them!

And now it is time for the Peak Leaders to put their game faces on. After a great week race training, skiing off piste and brushing up on technical and teaching skills it is time to get ready for the exam. 8 weeks of skiing and physical training have flown by and now people are ready to go out there and give it their all. The Peak Leaders have put a lot of effort into this and are ready to take on the BASI level 2 exam. They seem quite relaxed about it too…

Good luck everyone!