VERBIER 2017/18 – WEEK 9 & 10

After eight weeks of training in snowy Verbier, the BASI Level 2 exam is finally here! All the trainees have worked hard to improve their skiing and teaching over the past 2 months and the time has come to put it all into practice. The training has been intense, varied and even tough but always loads of fun. That’s thanks to the Peak Leaders coaches, Emma and Will, and also lots of off-piste, freestyle and even race training days!

The Level 2 course is over ten days and though this sounds a long time there’s a lot to do! Tom and Ally were the trainers for the exams and they work extremely hard to coach everyone and help them get to the required level for both teaching and technical skiing. Here is Tom watching his group ski and try and perfect their short turns.

The teaching aspect of the course is fifty percent of the exam, so it’s very important for the groups to practice and refine their teaching skills over the 2 weeks. By the final few lessons everyone was smashing it and becoming far more confident of how to construct and teach a ski lesson. Lee even used the classic trick of bribing everyone in his lesson with sweets … including the BASI Trainer!

As the exam enters the final week it’s natural that people become a bit nervous. Fortunately the trainers know this and as such they work hard to ensure everyone is relaxed and has a clear idea of what they need to do. Tom’s Mountain selfie certainly shows his group looking pretty relaxed and like they’re enjoying their penultimate day!

The BASI trainers are not only on hand to improve everyone’s on snow skills but also to encourage and keep everyone enthusiastic. The course is long and it’s important that the Peak Leaders stay focused and motivated about the exam. Here’s an awesome selfie of all the dedicated BASI trainers working this week – they’re a happy bunch aren’t they!?

On Friday everyone was given their results and the Peak Leaders all headed to Pub Mont Fort to celebrate the end of the course. Massive congratulations to everyone for working so hard! Time to celebrate becoming ski instructors, making loads of new friends and having a blast for 10 weeks! A big thanks to all the Peak Leaders who make the course so awesome!

And so that is it for another Peak Leaders Verbier course. As always, ten weeks fly by and suddenly everyone is either heading back to the UK to start new jobs, staying out in Verbier for the rest of the season or off on new adventures in far away places. Have a wicked rest of the best season ever and enjoy being a Ski Instructor!