SAAS FEE 2018 – WEEK 3

Exam time, World Cup heros & new ski instructors

It’s game time! For the past 2 weeks the Peak Leaders have been working on their own technical skiing and learning to deliver teaching sessions. Now they have to put it all into practice for the BASI level 1 exam. It is a test of the skills that the Peak Leaders have learnt so far but it’s also an enjoyable week where the candidates can learn and better themselves from some of the best coaches in the industry! I think this lot look ready for it …

The BASI level 1 exam started on Monday and we couldn’t have asked for better conditions. Perfect hero snow on the pistes and sunny crisp days. And by noon each day all the racers left the glacier and the Peak Leaders pretty much had their own private Mountain to ski and practice on!

Saas Fee is an excellent place to come and ski pre-season and this course is especially popular as it offers the chance to become a BASI qualified instructor and get a job teaching skiing as soon as the winter season starts. In fact, it’s not just trainee instructors who come here, loads of professional freestyle skiers, Snowboarders and Work Cup skiers do as well. This week none other than Olympic Champion Aksel Svindal was on the slopes! Here is BASI trainer Ale getting a picture with his hero!

The week is all about improving personal performance and delivering quality teaching sessions. Ale and Hannah, who are both awesome coaches, focus on each individual with different tasks to develop specific skills to improve everyone’s piste skiing. A couple of times through the week everyone gets a chance to see themselves on the big screen … which everyone loves! Video analysis is such a great form of feedback as it allows everyone to see what changes have been made and the technique which is still to be fine-tuned and worked on.

It is amazing for the both the trainers and the trainees to see when positive changes are being made to conquer their goals and move closer to becoming ski instructors.

Friday came round quickly and they were all relieved and happy to have completed BASI Level 1!
Congratulations to everyone for training hard and making huge leap forwards in their teaching and skiing. We now have a great new batch of ski instructors! Now time to celebrate …