SAAS FEE 2018 – WEEK 2

Week 2 – Saas Fee Ski Instructor Course

Another week has flown by in Saas-Fee and the trainees are ready to rock for the BASI level 1 next week. The Level 1 is the first Ski Instructor course the trainees have to complete and involves a mixture of teaching sessions and skiing demonstrations as part of the exam.

So, in week two of training it was time to learn to teach skiing! This is sometimes a daunting prospect to begin with but the trainees did a great job of their first sessions, teaching different stages of the beginner’s progression to the rest of the group. It is great to see the group getting along well and working together as a team, because as one of our coaches wisely often says … ‘team work makes the dream work’.

As well as some good progress with teaching this week we are now seeing some massive changes in everyone’s skiing, setting them up perfectly for the level 1 exam. Here is a pic of Felix ripping through some turns …

It helps that we have been super lucky with the amazing snow and weather. Right now, Saas-Fee probably has the best conditions in the world, with reports of tough conditions on every other glacier in Europe.

The only hiccup / comedy moment was when Katie’s bag got caught on the T-bar and took an extra run down to the bottom, totally out of reach, which everyone found pretty amusing!

At the weekend we all decided to take on the ‘adventure forest’. This was an awesome way to spend an afternoon, with four different high ropes obstacle courses each getting more and more difficult. It was great fun and there was a lot of yelping and screaming as they negotiated the various zip lines, tunnels, tight ropes and leaps of faith, all around 20 metres up off the ground!

Off snow the trainees have been working really hard on their fitness and now that they are acclimatised to the altitude, they took on the challenge of the Parcour, which is a forest with obstacles and exercise stations. Initially, there was some apprehensive looks but as they soon found out, Parcour in Europe isn’t running around jumping off buildings etc …

Finally, the results are in from the synchro competition of last week! The public have spoken (well our Instagram followers have) and the winner is…. group 2! While group 1 went for a more complex synchro routine, group 2 went for classic style and smashed it, check it out…

Next stop BASI level 1 next week, but first the Peak Leaders can put their feet up for the weekend! GOOD LUCK to the whole team … #smashit